Sunday, April 25, 2010

no rest for the weary

I can't believe an entire week has gone by since I last posted. I promised myself I would post (at least) every Sunday. Today will not be the exception. This last week at work has been hectic and it looks like next week will be worse. It takes no time for the housework to get away from me. A crazy work week leads into a non stop weekend of cleaning and catching up at home. Where is time for my art work? I haven't done anything since before Disney.
The GREAT news is my packet arrived from Art and Soul! It has been the high point in my day! Wow, just over 3 weeks left until we fly out to Hampton, Va. The packets were fabulous, and a promise of great things to come. In the next couple of weeks I will be going over the supply lists and getting ready. Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!


  1. Hi Karen!! Thanks for the kind email!! U can follow broknheartart if you click the follow me button. Sometimes blogger acts up and doesn't display that option tho! I'm just honored that u want to revisit!! I am going to art & soul too! What classes are u taking? I am taking misty's 2 day class. But I am getting the urge to add more.....I know what u mean about busy work weeks and housework, how I would love 2 uninterrupted days to play with paper and paint. Wonderful meeting you. xoSusan

  2. Hiya Susan and thanks for getting back with me! I'm taking 5 classes at A&S. Sally Jean's Love Bird necklace, JDM Stephanie Lee, Spinning Bead Pendant with Dancik, Julie Haymaker Thompson's paper clay and the metal clay spinning bead/ slumber party. I am so excited to be going again this year. We need to figure out a way to meet up in Hampton for a drink and some conversation!
    xoxo karen
    PS I love the name of your blog, I want to tatoo it on my arm.

  3. My blog friend Shelly went and she absolutely loved it (I think it was Art and Soul)...ok, since I'm not sure, I should probably erase this...LOL...but anyway, I bet you will have a great time!

    yapping cat