Sunday, April 4, 2010

How did this come about?

While working in the "Garden of Weedon" I noticed that my "trash to treasure" chandelier (that I have hanging in the tree) had a tadpole in one of the glass votives. I had removed the electric wiring and replaced the tops with glass votives with candles that I light for parties. ( yes, when it rains they fill with water and get moldy) (no, i don't mind) I noticed the tadpole when I was replanting the garden. How did it get in there? The chandelier is 5 feet off the ground!


  1. OH I am in Love with this!!! It must be a tree frog and it climbed the tree layed the eggs and one fell into the bowl. I love tadpoles and frogs!

  2. FYI The wind blew down the tadpole chandelier.