Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last eve of 2009

Hard to believe that the year 2009 is going away. It's almost 10:00 PM, New Year's Eve, with only 2 more hours left. Chuck and I are home. Alex is with Kristi, bringing in the new year with much celebrating. Our neighbors are setting off fireworks. Grizzly stood his ground in the front yard, barking for the better half of an hour. All fireworks have been warned.

Every year I make resolutions. My girlfriend Kim calls them "goals". Which is really a better name for them because you can reset goals when ever you want but New Year's resolutions can only be set once a year. I need the freedom to start over many times in a year. So I'm calling them goals too.

There are many "goals" for this year, such as improving the blog, more "art" in the art journals, learning "Photo Shop", teaching the art classes, the start of a new business. (huh?) Tomorrow I will write them all down. I like these lists. Writing them down brings them closer. I need to grow, improve, and continue to strive to learn more.

I wish for a wonderful 2010 for all my family and friends, and for all those who will become my friends this year.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

It was a very mellow Christmas at the Fullerton's this year. I cheated on the cooking side of things, opting for a "Honey Baked Ham". Chuck and I only had to prepare side dishes. Alex's Kristi, (the sweetheart) joined us for dinner, rounding out our small group to the four of us. It wasn't our best Christmas, but far from our worst... Alex and I had a bad morning which really started the day out wrong. I promised Alex "coal in the stocking" if there was ever a repeat performance. However, soon the holiday spirit prevailed and our Christmas turned very sweet indeed.
The following pictures are of my favorite Christmas tree. It's a tall skinny "forever"(fake) tree covered in tiny white lights, snow, crystals, and all kinds of angels. The fabric angel holding the handful of tiny lights is the tree topper. There is a paper angel that Alex colored when he was 9 years old and also a picture of a funky soft sculpture angel, that is one of my favorites.
Of course, on Christmas Grizzly gets his gift. Somehow every year he remembers this event and waits with anticipation for his turn. One picture shows him opening his gift and the other pic is the most ADORABLE expression of him looking at his present.
I hope that all had a wonderful holiday season this year. Heart happiness to everyone.

Grizzly at Christmas, Angel tree

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Published AGAIN!

Too good to be true! I've been published again! This time I've been put into "Somerset Studio". The magazine did a call for artist's to submit their art, done in the color "aubergine". I sent in a piece called "Queen's of Aubergine". They used it in the Dec./Jan. 2010. This is the magazine and the picture of my piece.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An evening with "Past and Presents"

For December 3rd, Thursday night, 2009.
Finally, the day arrived for the "Past and Presents Art Night". We had a ball preparing, teaching, eating, making fun art and getting to know all who braved their way to the "Weird Bird Studio". The money paid for the event went to "Sheridan House Ministries". A local, well organized, very needed program, for families in crisis.
Again and again, so many thanks to all that made it happen. To Bridgette and her wonderful group of friends who cooked and cleaned helped in all ways. Bridgette, your class was wonderful and I've heard from many, how much they loved it. And of course a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful BEST friends who helped prepare gift bags, light candles, organize & feed me, put out food and of course TEACH the polymer clay class. Vicki, Donna Tella, Kim and Donna, it wouldn't have happened without you guys.
Here are some of the photos from the evening. We look forward to more "artfun" in the future!
PS First pic a sample of the ornament we made for the evening art project!

P&P evening

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The beautiful Carribean

The most amazing trip ever...

We've never been on a cruise...

Chucky and I went on our first vacation for (well...) many, many years. We went on a cruise on the "Crown Princess". I don't know why we never have before, after all we live near one of the largest ports for cruising in the world. All I know is ,we are hooked! Nothing but eating, reading, the coffee bar, occasionally the gym, then repeat the sequence. I have never eaten so much in my life, but my oh my! It's a good thing we are home. I couldn't have gone on eating like that for another day! Above are a few pics from heaven on earth.


About 6 months ago I submitted 3 of my polymer clay pieces to Stampington & Company. I hadn't heard anything from them so I was just waiting for them to someday return the pieces. Then, I received a copy of "Stamper's Sampler". I had no idea why. I figured it it was a belated gift for my subscription to "Somerset Studio" magazine. Imagine my shock as I was turning the pages and came accross MY work!!! And it was 4 color pages to boot!!! This was so unexpected that as I flipped through the pages and came to mine, I thought for the first few seconds that someone else had figuried out how to use a room deoderizer cap as a stamp, just like me! I had NO idea I was going to be published. The magazine is the Dec./Jan 2010 issue. This is one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me.
Check out the following 5 pictures, also. Of course the magazine in person is sooo much nicer. I think everyone needs to go and buy a copy!

more photos of "Stamper's Sampler"

As you can see from the photos, I already bought 6 copies! I am still in a state of shock. There are no words for how excited I was when I saw these pages! A huge THANK YOU to Stampington & Company for choosing my work. I am incredibly grateful.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Florida Fall

While everyone else in the country is experiencing the rich colors of fall, we here in south Florida are in our never ending summer. So what if we don't have a real season change... We are in our continuous shades of gorgeous greens. This morning was beautiful. A cool 70 degrees. The report is, our cold weather is leaving us. :( It should start warming up again tomorrow. This photo was shot early morning a week or so ago.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A trip to S. Carolina

I've never thought about visiting S.C. But when my best friend (Kim) moved there, I knew a trip would happen sooner or later. It was a wonderful week of perfect weather, great food, new art techniques and silly and stimulating conversations... top it off with my sister Roo coming for a couple of days also. A perfect 5 days of catching up on our lives.
This post and the following one are some pictures of different moments of my vacation.
1.) Kim's studio is my dream. The space is flanked by large windows for beautiful natural light. It has two large doors that can close off the area if it's too messy and company arrives. She painted it in a beautiful, restful blue and has a great work table in the center. It's attached to the living room, so your still a part of what's happening with the family. Love it, love it, love it.
2.) Me, early morning, reading in front of the fireplace.
3.) I never saw cotton growing! Kimmie in a cotton field!
4.) Kim's painting of cows in the moo-nlight.

more photos...

The 4 pictures are
1.) Kim and me working on a new technique.
2.) Sister Rudi coming up with the final drawing on Sabrina's picture.
3.) "Colby Ann", the sweetest dog ever. She has such a big nose!
4.) Me, by the lake, reading Somerset Studio, wearing Kim's bear slippers!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Art Studio Tour

My headache finally went away. I lost an entire weekend, plus two days. Now, this weekend I'm playing "catch up" on my never ending list of things to complete before Thanksgiving and the
"Past and Presents Home Art Studio Tour". The exciting thing is the tickets to the event sold out almost immediately. Not surprising... Bridgette has built up quite a loyal following over the past years with these tours. It's going to be fun! I think there will be 30 women here for the polymer tile class. Not too difficult, I have 3 terrific friends that are going to help me co-teach so we can have all the attendees leave with a completed project.
I'm counting down the days!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our son used to call them "headjakes" when he was little. I have had a major one for 4 days. It's the weather, it's the pollen, it's the dust or smoke or something in the air. What ever causes it, it is crippling. I'm not alone. Every 3rd person I run into is suffering. The dreaded "Sinus Headache". Are they worse here in South Florida than in other areas? My "to-do" list is huge. Who has time for this? I'm laying flat with dark towels over my eyes, scalding the skin on my face from the super heated showers pouring down on my head, using my "Nettie Pot", and trying not to OD on Excedrins. The good news is they rarely last more than 4 days. Tomorrow is day 5 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, eyes closed, and the hot towels on my head... My "to-do" list will have to wait.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My favorite gift store.

Here, in this part of the country we have a wonderful little store called "Past and Presents". It is one of those special places you go to shop, meet friends, or just kill some time. When ever someone needs a present or your doing some decorating and looking for that special piece, this is the place for you. These posts are pictures of one of the nicest gift stores I've ever had the the pleasure to shop.

More of my favorite store...

Who says Fort Lauderdale (or Cooper City) does'nt have fabulous shopping?