Saturday, September 26, 2015

I think I may move to North Carolina.

This is what I woke up to last Friday morning.
Our friend Charlene turned 60 years old and the Yaya's went to her (and her sweet husbands) cabin in Boone North Carolina. I've always like N.C., but now I am in LOVE. It helps that her home in the mountains is so welcoming, beautiful and perfectly situated, high in the mountains. But more than that, it was located close to some of the most wonderful restaurants, shopping and sightseeing. 

The local art in the stores were right up my alley. 
I'm a country girl at heart and I love all the funky and folk art, style.

Love the  crystal decorations in this little cool boutique in Blowing Rock, N.C.

Sorry, but you can't put pumpkins on your porch in Fort Lauderdale in September OR October. They rot within 3 days. Here they stay out for the entire month! ANOTHER reason that N.C. ROCKS!!!

Did I mention we went to a winery??? Oh yeah. A little closer to Banner Elk was a winery called "Grandfather Winery". It's small, but lovely! 
On Sundays they have a great Blues Band, that plays all afternoon.


My girls. Love them all ~ with all my heart.

The back yard. 
Before they bought this property, people used to hang glide off this cliff that's in their back yard.
That is a straight drop off beyond those bushes.

Fall is in the air. Evenings were mid 50's and during the day it was in the low 70's'

A view from "Bruno's Path". (Bruno was a favorite and very special dog.) This view is what you saw just feet from their back porch. Oh yeah,  I could get use to this.  :)

Here we all are, just moments before leaving for the airport, minus the mustaches!
Such a wonderful and sweet group, that could never be replaced.

I love you all, so much.

Charlene, thank you for an amazing 5 days in your wonderful home.
Happy Birthday, dear friend!


Crows in Conversation

I found a  new set of angel wings in North Carolina. They were $12.99 and are around 12 inches. The paint brushes are my mom's.  Now, I have this little piece of my mom in my art studio and it reminds me of her daily.  Her knees are really bad ~ now a days, but she still painfully drags herself up the stairs, to sit with me while I paint.

I love her, and I love this little piece of her that I can keep close, 
even when she is not in town.

This is my latest painting I've been working on this weekend. 

Crows in Conversation. 
It felt like any group talking, gossiping, conversing. Some crows are in the middle of it, some just close enough to hear what's going on,  some trying to become a part, 
one on the outside trying to hear...

I'm not wanting to return to work. I want to paint all day :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Two crows and a rabbit.

A rabbit.

I'm trying to learn to paint "looser". All of my work is what is called "tight".
I've always made my lines crisp and clean and precise.  
However, my desire is to paint in a relaxed style.
I'm learning that there is nothing relaxing about it.

I'm very, very tense while painting in this loose style.
The rabbit above is the closest I've come.

Two crows.
I suppose these guys are a combo of tight and loose. A least the background feels a little relaxed, however the crows have my usual sharper lines.
I'm feeling rather frustrated this week.
Maybe I'm not meant to paint in this new style.
Back to the drawing board or the painting room or painting board ~ or what ever.
I'm stressing just thinking about it.
Not a good way to start the loose, relaxed style.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wynwood art

In Miami there is a wonderful place called Wynwood.  It is some of the best Graffitti art you will ever see. I mean seriously beautiful art. It's all painted with spray cans! My friends and I visited last Friday night. The area is kinda sketchy, a poorer area of Miami, however because of the concept of bringing wonderful paintings into the streets, the area is becoming popular. There are restaurants now, and nice bars and boutiques. Just a short time ago, this area was seriously depressed. Now we felt very safe and (not at any point) concerned for our safety.

The art is very diversified as shown above (Me with my BFF Kim) in contrast to 
the wall shown below.

You can look it up at

Too many photos to post, here is just a few of my favorites.
Check it out when in Miami.