Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Casualty.

To most people, breaking a bulb at Christmas is part of the process.
However, this was no ordinary bulb. I have posted this particular Christmas bulb before...
It's Donald Duck.
Well, it WAS Donald Duck, 55 years ago. His pale yellow, sponge beak dissolved many, 
many years ago, leaving a strange orange line across his face. 
Every year, this bulb has been placed front and center on our Christmas tree. 
Donald had survived so many Christmas's, with young boy's rough hands, many different storage boxes, several very rambunctious dogs, one terrifyingly, mean kitty 
and a spray tree "flocking" that went terribly wrong.

I loved this bulb.

It was Christmas. 
Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future.

A sad day.

The above photo was of a blog post from 2012.
He was still hanging proud ~ in all his "semi glory".

Think I can get this old "Humpty Dumpty" back together again??