Sunday, November 8, 2015

Living a creative life.

Sometimes someone knows you. Knows you well.
My friend sent me a gift in the mail this week. I just finished the audio book and loved it.
I enjoy everything that Elizabeth Gilbert writes and she did a really good job on her latest book, 
"Big Magic".  
It's about living a creative life, a magical life, a life enchanted.
My friend knows that this would become one of my favorites. I've already began underling paragraphs and writing in the margins.
Thank you my dear friend!
You can find her and her wonderful creative self on Facebook under
Backstreet Arts.

Speaking of being creative, my buddies came over this week and we painted.
This is Gagy (a.k.a. Grandma) and the sweet painting she made for her grand daughter.

Such a sweet piece! I'm so proud of you Kim (Gagi) 
for making art and living a creative and magical life!!!


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