Sunday, June 15, 2014

Art Journal

Art Journal

I purchased a new "sketch~art journal" for an upcoming trip. I already have a number of  art journals, but this one is going to be strictly sketching and painting. My other ones consist of everything from shopping lists, movie stubs, photos, Dr. apt.,  and whatever else ends up in them. Of course, being an "art journal" they also include lots of art. However, after seeing so many REAL art/sketch journals on Pinterest, I have become inspired.  This is my first painting. 

I will call it:


In preparation for this trip our family is taking, I have also been researching "travel art kits".
This has been so much fun! Just what to pack for a week at sea? There are great tips on the Internet and of course on Pinterest. To get all my supplies I lucked out on a great sale at Pearls! Oh, be still my heart! All those beautiful brushes and paints…. 

A super fun weekend of art shopping and making art!
It doesn't get any better!