Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm painting!

Two whole days of working in the art studio. 
Have I mentioned (only 20 or more times) that I love having an actual place to go and make … stuff?  I'm in the middle of the next art project at Paper Niche. This one is "Girl and her Koi".
It has been difficult and the Koi looks like it's possibly related to Godzilla.
Seems to me, there are too many patterns going on. We will see how it looks when it's finished.

I'm a fan of "inspirational" signs. My son once asked why we needed so many signs telling us what to do or think. Heeheehee I loved that! The one hanging below reads: 
It's not your paintings i like, it's you're painting." 
The same goes for creating.

Yesterday, (Saturday) I had two friends over to play. Donna (below is working on a painting) and Kim is making a wedding box for her daughter and also a quilt for her new grand daughter.

This is EXACTLY what I had hoped for when I was working on the area. Not only me, but friends coming by and creating lovely things as well. I am so happy for this!  

Another one of my little signs with more words of wisdom.
I have this on my painting wall. I really needed this saying this weekend, because 3 paintings I'm working on are awful. Is it self-doubt when just plain bad? I'm not doubting myself… 
I KNOW these are bad!
However, I'm at least painting and that is GOOD!!!

My friend and muse asks when looking at a painting "What is your favorite part?" .   I have to say that on this following canvas, this tiny area of crows would be my favorite. It's about 6 inches by 6inches. So I'm posting this tiny section of the canvas for more proof that painting is going on.

And one more.

Over all, a really nice weekend.
More later!