Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crowns in the sky.

On my way to get my morning cup of Starbucks 
and I happened to have my camera.

Yep. That's a crown in the sky.

I just wanted to post the super early morning message from God.
I am with you... Look around, life is beautiful.


  1. I have just started art journalling and woke up with the idea of painting a crow. I found you on a search for "crow stencil". So now instead of painting a crow I have been reading your blog:) I love it, thanks for posting all the lovely things.
    Liz in the UK

    1. Liz, Thank you for this! I keep thinking I'm going to stop with the blogging, then someone sweet like you sends me a comment and I think that I might keep it up longer! The idea of stenciling a crow works great. If you get a chance, sign up for Pinterest. You can find me there, under Karen Fullerton or weirdbirdstudio. I have some great pictures of crows!
      Keep painting!

  2. Hi Karen, I found you on pinterest and followed you. I am a bit of an addict too, although I've got some way to go to catch up with you:) I think blogging has gone out of fashion a bit, but I still like it.