Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is decoupage dead?

 I need to ask. Is decoupage dead?

I been working in the "new" studio (yeay!!!)
I made the mistake of painting my tables black AND buying black book shelves 
to support the painted-repurposed-door that is now my painting table. I have two 
tables now and both are black which is ok except I've decided to do the studio 
mostly in vintage linens and whites.
I decoupaged one of the black tables with cool papers, stamps and paints.

I was able to bring in some of my angel pictures.

Lots of layered papers and paint made for an interesting collage.

I added messages to myself, like "MAKE SOMETHING"!

Maybe if I say I "collaged" my table instead of I "decoupaged" my table
it will be more acceptable... Hey, I don't care. 
I like it.

This is part of the studio. Some of my nests and eggs.
And a nest of babies...
just for you kim :)

This is the other black table, under the window. 
LOOK! There is art stuff taking place!
It's coming along.