Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why can't I find my paint?

I hate when I get attached to something and then can't find it anymore. I've bought 4 watercolor sets and none have worked as well as the one shown above. 
These watercolors seem so much more opaque than other watercolor sets. 
However, this one is getting very used up. The hinges that hold the top to the bottom has broken~ so now I have to rubber band them together when I travel. 
Some of my favorite colors are completely used up. 
They have one (at Michael's and Joannes and ACMoore) that looks almost exactly like this one, but it's not the same. 
This one is from Germany. Do the German's make better paint?
If anyone out there knows of a really good set of pan watercolors, that has 36 colors and covers REALLY well, please let me know.
 In the mean time, I'm searching the internet.

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