Sunday, March 31, 2013

New angel with wings

 She now has wings! 
This is 3 separate pieces of wood, (called a "triptych?) each measures 6 inches by 3 feet.
Below I show 4 ways you can hang them in your home:

 The picture above shows the 3 pieces separated, and hung about an inch apart.

 This picture (above) shows the middle piece ON TOP of the other two. 
The side pieces are placed under the angel by about an inch.

This placement (above) is side by side with no room between.


Lastly, you could hinge them together in the back and make it free standing.

This was a fun piece to work on.
I will teach this class in July at the Paper Niche for "Christmas in July"
The class seating will be limited because of time issues.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Angel

 I've started a new project for class. 
This is for "Christmas in July" at the Paper Niche. 
This angel is far from finished, but I like the way she's turning out.
There is going to be more "grunge", perhaps some crackle, sanding & more staining.

When it's done, there will be two more pieces of wood the same size as her ~
 with wings painted on them. The wood measures 6 inches wide and 3 feet long.

I love painting angels.

Side note, I had a visitor today.
He's quite bold. 
Grizzly growling at the glass door does not scare him

 He just hangs out by the water, almost teasing Griz, like a cat would.
It was nice to have some company!

Have a nice week everyone.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why can't I find my paint?

I hate when I get attached to something and then can't find it anymore. I've bought 4 watercolor sets and none have worked as well as the one shown above. 
These watercolors seem so much more opaque than other watercolor sets. 
However, this one is getting very used up. The hinges that hold the top to the bottom has broken~ so now I have to rubber band them together when I travel. 
Some of my favorite colors are completely used up. 
They have one (at Michael's and Joannes and ACMoore) that looks almost exactly like this one, but it's not the same. 
This one is from Germany. Do the German's make better paint?
If anyone out there knows of a really good set of pan watercolors, that has 36 colors and covers REALLY well, please let me know.
 In the mean time, I'm searching the internet.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A new project for the "Schizophrenic Journaling" class, scheduled for March 16th.

First, a vote for "Tim Holtz's" new tissue paper. It is beautiful! It comes on a roll (15 wonderful feet) and is perfect for, well... just about anything you want to use it for. 
So, here is the project.
Buy a wooden board from "Home Depot" The one I'm using is 6'x3".
Paint it white. Wrap the edges with the "Tim Holtz" tissue paper, shown below.
I glued it down with "Mod Podge".
To save on my paper, I left the center open~ on the front and back on the wood.

Now the fun part! Cut small pieces of paper to fit onto the wood.

Decorate the papers with stamps, paints, ephemera...

Before you glue these down, color wash (stain) the edges of the "Tim Holtz" tissue so it isn't stark white. Glue the beautifully decorated papers you worked on, into place onto the wood.

Don't forget to add a few of your paintings!

Because it's so long, I had to post these pictures in stages.
This is the top.
I also included strips of tapestry fabric, see, just under the angel.

This is the middle. I attached the Scrabble pieces that spell "play", with E6000 glue.

This is the bottom part.

This is the piece in total.... kinda hard to see, but in person, it's nice. 
I think the beauty of this idea is, it's limitless. Think about it.
A baby shower. Make one for the baby.
A wedding. Make one to include photos and wedding details.
Custom make one for a child's room, use matching fabrics!
Plus, it's long and skinny and there is ALWAYS a place in your home that
needs a long skinny piece of art.

March 16th @ the Paper Niche. 
10:00AM to hmmmm, not sure what time to end this one.

Really looking forward to this class!
BTW The tissue paper from Tim Holtz and the papers are from