Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't forget to play.

This weeks class, Saturday Nov. 3rd, is layering papers, paint and textures.

 I've been experimenting using the Faber-Castell monochromatic color sets. 
Love them!!!

My favorite in the package was the 'Gelato', followed closely by the
'artist pen big brush'. The turquoise/colbalt combination
of pens, pencils, Gelatos and such... were wonderful!
Can't wait to play!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Journals of Art???

 I'm feeling inspired tonight. Today's class was wonderful.
 These fabulous women make me want to make art.

The above stamp "Her art disturbed her." is one of my favorites.
My art does disturb me. I'm in a constant argument with myself...
"Is this really art?"

These women validate me.

When I cut off my head and attach it to
some poor models body, my friends from art class say 
"Hey, that's art!".

 Going (not so ) confidently "in the direction of my dreams" takes
courage. "Living the life you've imagined." is not very easy. 
This class helps me move forward.
The women give me confidence.
And courage.

Showing people your weird work and having them
support you, is one of the most fulfilling 
experiences I know.


Because believe me, 
my journals are weird.

My art still disturbs me.

Now though,  I realize that others like to make weird stuff too.
So when I cut off my head, (like in the above photo) and attach it
to some "Juicy" model, 
other   (like minded "artists")
don't think I'm too strange.
They want to make weird art too.
Thank you ladies, for today's class.
I had a blast.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nest of Gratefuls

 It's been a funky kind of few weeks.
 Seems like 'things'  kind of converge at the same time. 
Issues that affect the way you feel about your life, your health, your stability.

Times like these, it's important to take stock of your "gratefuls".
 My journal working (this week) called out for cardboard.

Cardboard and stencils and layers of paint and stamps ...

The egg floats above a nest full of my "gratefuls". The sweet little bird looks out over the view on her little branch made from old book pages twisted into shape.    Looking through old books trying to locate certain words that I love and need in my life, brought about a sweet new appreciation for my life.

This two page project will be taught next Sunday at Paper Niche, at 10:00 AM for 3 hours.

Join me in working on your "Gratefuls" for the coming Thanksgiving season. :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wha???? I forgot to blog!

How did I miss posting my blog this last Sunday? I didn't even think of it!

 New post for October...
These are a couple of pages from my art journal for my 
"Schizophrenic Journaling" class.
 I'm teaching the "how to" this Saturday at 
Paper Niche in Davie.

 I really like the fence. There is a tool called a "Cricket" that cuts these out for you.
That is really great because it's a real pain in the rear to cut these out yourself with an
exacto knife. If you even could...
We will paint this sweet moon face and the pumpkins are also painted. 
EASY. I swear it! I'll give you a template if you want. 
or maybe not... I may make you paint it without one.
(wicked grin)
The crows are all stencils. There is stamping and painting and gluing.

Join me Saturday for much merriment!