Sunday, May 27, 2012

I need to make stuff

 It's been a busy week with working on journal pages, preparing for the 
upcoming class at "Paper Niche", still continuing to have to 
do that pesky, monotonous housework...  
I can't believe everyone still wants to eat everyday.
Why can't people be happy with just coffee and a bagel?
Can't you see I have to play???

This was a fun page, but my writing RUINED it! 
I've decided not to write unless I have a better plan.

 I found the lettering from a journal of my dad's. I ran copies of the original.
It says "Oat Harvest - 1924"

This is a distress technique of Mod Podge first on the page, 
followed by painting a solid (acrylic) color. 
Let it dry.
Next you put down a stencil and mist it with water, remove the stencil and wipe off the water, 
taking the wet sections of paint off the page leaving the dry sections in tact.
 Super easy and makes a very nice distressed look.

These two pages were done with paper towels. The towels were covered with "overspray" from another project and they made a great background page for journaling.

I've decided not to do housework anymore. 
My job is to make stuff.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New class offered at "Paper Niche"

Okay, I'll be honest. I'm nervous. I'm teaching a class at Paper Niche 
and I don't know who (if anyone) is going to sign up.

After all, what makes me qualified? And why would anyone be
interested in visual journaling or schizophrenic journaling?

I only hope there are weird artist's out there like me. People that want to play with paint,
and write stuff, and paste and glue and cut and stencil, and mask and spritz.

Perhaps it's like throwing a party. They say if you have the right food (supplies) and good
music (energetic teachings) and most of all the hostess has fun... 
Well, then it's almost always a good time. 
Well, I'm pretty sure I'll have fun. Hopefully that will make it
fun for anyone who comes.

weekend trip

I traveled to Gainsville, Fl., this weekend for a family get together. 
I'm always on the look out for the unusual.
Hey! Look at the above cloud! I spied a pigElephant!!!

 And looky here... this one is a rolling dog. No, you don't want to be driving in the lane
next to mine on the turnpike because Yes, I am the woman weaving around taking pictures as I drive.

 Great local roadside stand for veggies and fruit. Also, just recently this spot was used in a movie.

Where else but north Fl. do you find this kind of great stuff? 
No wonder they used this setting in a movie... 
is that President Clinton?

And of course, some local wildlife... This is some kind of fierce animal.

Awwww just my sister's new pup.

later friends!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Teaching again!

Yeay!!!!!!!!    I'm going to be teaching again!

Classes are going to be at the "Paper Niche" on State Road 84 and Pine Island Road.

The class is called "Schizophrenic Journaling", because if you've ever seen one of my "visual journals" you would understand the name.

The class will cover different types of backgrounds, and working with papers, paste, glue, stencils, stamps, paint, stains, etc... 

This is the photo I'm using for my "Bio picture".


wish me luck!