Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wha???? I forgot to blog!

How did I miss posting my blog this last Sunday? I didn't even think of it!

 New post for October...
These are a couple of pages from my art journal for my 
"Schizophrenic Journaling" class.
 I'm teaching the "how to" this Saturday at 
Paper Niche in Davie.

 I really like the fence. There is a tool called a "Cricket" that cuts these out for you.
That is really great because it's a real pain in the rear to cut these out yourself with an
exacto knife. If you even could...
We will paint this sweet moon face and the pumpkins are also painted. 
EASY. I swear it! I'll give you a template if you want. 
or maybe not... I may make you paint it without one.
(wicked grin)
The crows are all stencils. There is stamping and painting and gluing.

Join me Saturday for much merriment! 


  1. This is beautiful. I love the theme and the colors.

  2. You make everything look so simple, but it's not. These are so pretty, love the moon face.