Sunday, April 29, 2012

Perfect Saturday

A perfect Saturday morning. It's pouring rain outside. I love it when it rains all day.  I started my day with a Starbucks coffee.

Yes, above that is Grizzly's legs sticking up in the air.

My perfect day is art, coffee, and dumb scary movies. Coffee, check! Art, check! Good scary movies, check! The dog is not part of this, (other than company) he's just like the sofa or a chair, only hairy and disgusting and always hungry. Today was doggy bath day, but it's too miserable. He needs a bath, really bad...

 This morning's art project is a couple of journal pages. I make a collage of papers, working in antique papers, old sheet music and tissue papers. I adhere them with "Mod Podge".

 The sofa beside me is my collection of papers. I'm squeezed in on one side. Actually I'm sitting on papers and the clicker for the TV.

Great scary movie. I'm distracted and now can't paint. Where do they find these haunted mansions and why is this one,  in this movie about a GIANT crocodile?

 AHHHH, here come the giant Croc! He's suppose to be 30 feet long but all the plants are normal size... I really need to stop finding everything wrong with the movie and just enjoy it. I really need to stop watching TV and start painting.

This is the pup in the movie that survives leaping through the giant crocodile's mouth like a circus act. Sometimes Griz wakes up and starts barking when the puppy on TV barks.

Here is the girl about to be eaten because her foot is stuck in a tree branch and she can't escape. It's the middle of the night and there just happens to be 'side lighting' so we can see the attack. Back to painting...

 Next step,  I stamp and write.

 And then I coat with a film of white paint. This is also when I "texture" the pages with different materials like bubble wrap and chain mail. I just happen to have chain mail hanging around from Chuck's "Knight Wardrobe".

Oh! Back to the crocodile!!!

 Ok, so they manage to kill the monster croc and only the two lover's survive (out of 15 people) But wait! Are those giant croc eggs off in the distance??? OF COURSE!!! "Giant Crocodile 2" is coming on next!

Back to the journal. A close up of page left.

A close up of page right.
This is not the entire picture because I'm copying the painting from another artist, for practice. That's not allowed, and for that reason, I'm only showing a small section of the painting.
It's far from finished.  But I have time today.
It's raining, I have art, coffee, Griz for company and a total line up of scary movies all day. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photo feild trip

I'm taking a photo class, once a week. It's an evening class so I have a hard time going. 
I hate going out at night. :)
However, it's been worth it, getting to know my camera.
This above photo was taken on Tuesday night at photo class.

This week we had a field trip to "Long Key Park" in Davie. Unfortunately, it was very overcast. I think it would have been a beautiful photo opportunity if it had been sunny.

 I was having a very bad hair day.
Very bad...really, really bad.
Sometimes I can't believe I go out of the house like this.

This picture of the blade of grass with the raindrops is my favorite. We're suppose to turn in our best, developed into a 5x7 photo.

 This round flower is cool too. It looks like it belongs in "Whoville", from Doctor Seuss.

This last one is just part of the landscape. 
I love the concrete pillars with the ivy. This place is beautiful.
I'm going to keep going to class, even
though it's really difficult to go out after being up (for Starbucks) since 3:55 am. 
It's worth it to keep working with my camera,
and hopefully getting better.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gypsy bag

I dropped my brand new Ipad 2. The glass front looked like
a beautiful spider web. 
I didn't appreciate the beautiful nature looking artwork
that spread across the screen.
I was juggling my usual arm load of stuff from the car into the house. My gym clothes, sneakers, purse, papers, mail, and balanced in my arms (somewhere) was my
(did I already say) 
brand new Ipad. I needed a way to carry
all this daily stuff that I transport.

 I had a gift card to "Shoppes at Somerset", so I began hunting for a canvas bag. I found the perfect size to hold everything, PLUS a great pocket on the side for the slippery, and now
newly replaced  Ipad. 

 Perfect, yes in size,  but a plain, ecru colored, canvas bag.
First thing I did was dye it black. Then I proceeded to find fabrics that worked well together. I knew I could customize it (above photo) with all kinds of details, like the pencil and brush holders that I sewed down.

 I used an "Iron On Webbing" to secure the fabrics where I wanted them to stay. Some of the fabrics I coffee stained, stamped or hand painted a design.

This angel I painted, is a very (very) loose interpretation of a "James Christensen", and was the color inspiration for the bag. I love the jewel tones of golds, purples and deep reds.

I added lots of embellishments, like the "Make Art" and the pretty dyed silk ribbons shown above.

I don't think I'm done working on this carry-all yet. The 'add on's' are waaaay too much fun. I think I want to add a cluster of crystals to one side...

This is the final picture and the top of the bag. There is a strip of velcro that keeps the top
closed and in place. Hopefully now I will not drop my Ipad while carrying it
to work and back again...

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I want a pair of these. 
My great niece is 10, a really cool kid, and these are her shoes.
If I bought a pair of these redsparklyDorthyfromtheWizardofOz super cool shoes, 
something would be lost in the switch. A jumbo size 9 just isn't quite as adorable.

I miss this kid and her red sparkle shoes.

I miss my family who are all over,
except here.
I miss them all, but mostly
on holidays, like today.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

fun class

Donna and I took an art class last night at "The Paper Niche".  I used a new (new to me) watercolor called "Luminarious". What I loved about this watercolor paint was it flowed over the (very dry) antique  book pages without leaving any pigment marks. 
I also loved working on the old book pages. Since the watercolor is transparent, you can still see the writing on the pages.
I will definitely work on this again!