Sunday, March 25, 2012


 Our friend Marcie turned 60. There is a group of us girls that have been hanging out together, for around 17 years. I love these friends and quite frankly, would be totally lost without them. We decided to throw Marcie a surprise party on the beach. It was great fun and when it was all over, the photos were really sweet. 
I heard of a new magazine called "Mingle". It's all about parties and get togethers.
I figured, "Why not send them a few photos of Marcie's party?"

Who would have thought we would actually get published???

 I paid NO attention to "pixels" or the other 'number thingys' that were required. I just emailed a few photos.

Then of course, I forgot all about it. Which is what always happens to me at this age, 
I forgot what I did, only a few hours ago... So just imagine my surprise when I saw in the mail the complimentary magazine and explanation that we had just been published!!!

We only got one full page.

There were many great photos...

However, they only used ONE photo... But hey, I am thrilled!

These are a few other photos from the party. After this afternoon at the beach, I figured we should start a new business of "Party Planning". It was so much fun and my girlfriends and I had a wonderful time putting it all together.

We all made the decorations, too many to include in this set of photos. 

Is this REALLY what 60 looks like? 
Marcie, you continue to look fabulous and 
set an impossible standard of aging for the rest of your Ya Ya's.
We love you dearly and thank you for the opportunity for 
a wonderful day of fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Journals or 'once again I'm cutting off my head'

Been working in my journals again. This is another "head switch". 
I don't know how to do it with Photo Shop, so I just cut off
my head and glue it onto a picture.

I love this, but I pity the girl who's body I took. :)

Here I'm working with 'color wash inks'.
Not as easy as I thought it would be.

Also using some tissue paper and old 'lay away' receipts that I coffee stained.

My sister Rudi painted the sea horses, I painted the girl.

Me at a fashion shoot for Payless shoes. Ok, not really my photo, but my head again. I even make up a story to go along with the picture.

When I think a picture I paint is particularly ugly,  I do something over the top. In this case, 
I wrote all over this face that I hated. Why do I continue to do this?
? is it? 
Marcie, are you reading this?
I guess everyone has their own way of expressing themselves 
or diving into a hobby to fill their time. I paint, draw, paste, glue, take pictures, 
cut off my head...
I guess I have to. Because, I've tried to do other things and nothing else makes me as happy.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little sight seeing with mom and Bob

The Coral Castle in Homestead has been a South Florida attraction for many years. Mom and Bob came into town for a few days and we decided to take in a few of our local tourist spots.

The Coral Castle has recently been getting a lot of attention 
because of the popular TV show "Ancient Aliens".

 The big question is "How did the man who built it (entirely by himself) lift the enormous tons and tons of coral rock all by himself?" Hmmmm, was it aliens???

 He had no heavy lifting equipment and he got these huge, massive rocks out of the ground, then carved it and transported it to the location which it stands on now.

This is his bathtub. :)

After we spent the day visiting the 'Coral Castle',  we went over to 'Vizcaya.' 
We were feeling very ambitious!! 

I haven't been to Vizcaya in years and years. It is every bit as beautiful as I remember.

I'm hoping that next week I can go back. I know it's fast, seeing how I was just there. But I want to go again with the YaYa's.

 This was a large fountain by the gardens. There was a dragon lizard squirting water and it just happened to hit the frog (above) right on his behind! Heehee!

This is the weather vane on top of the mansion. 
I couldn't take any pictures inside, that wasn't allowed. 

 A beautiful view of Key Biscayne Bay. My sweet husband enjoying the view.

Last photo is the grotto. Half of this pool is outside in the sun and the other half is inside. 
I can not imagine living like this! It is so amazing! 
It was a fantastic day. 
Leave it to my 78 year old mom and her husband Bob to show us how to really enjoy ourselves!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Great way to store your glitter!

I don't use very much glitter but I did have some from some old projects. 
I also had empty salt and pepper shakers that I had purchased for the idea of having dinner parties. 
Well I still don't use much glitter and I never did have any dinner parties, 
however, I think my glitter looks really pretty!!!

This is such a cool idea!
And now I don't keep them hidden in a box!

Bird houses, can you have too many???

Can you have too many?? I think NOT! 
My house and yard are filled with little fairy type bird houses.
My husband made them for me years ago and they just get better with age.

 For a long time he sold them at art shows.

 Then he just got tired of making them. 

Friends come over the the house and always want to buy them...

 I have to let them down. "Sorry, he isn't making any more and what's left are all MINE."

This is a close up of one of the old door knobs. All the hardware and wood are salvaged from old barns and flea markets.

 There was a fair amount of 'dumpster diving' also...

The backyard used to have a pool, that leaked continuously. We buried the pool and landscaped with
the fairy village instead.

At the Christmas party we put candles in votives on all the bird houses.

They twinkle and glow all night and cast pretty shadows.

 This one is a beautiful shade of green and the roof is made from a ceiling tile.

The two on either side here are made from very old fence posts. They weigh a ton.

A coconut house!

A few by the front door. Ok, now this is
just a few too many here. I need to 
thin these out some.

The walkway by the front door.

Another grouping in the planter.

 This is a birdhouse condo!

Maybe someday he will start to make them again. Eventually, the ones outside will deteriorate and break down. Some are already showing signs of wear. It will
be sad day when I have to throw them away.