Sunday, September 18, 2011

Party dog!

Griz found a cool spot on the front porch, in front of the fan! He had a blast this weekend!

 It was Alex's 26th birthday party this last weekend. It was a party for Griz too! Poor old pup, he slept all day today.

Enough already!

I can't seem to concentrate. I'm working on it, but nothing. Nada. 
What is the matter with me? 
No effort for the gym. No books, no music, no photography, no art,  none of my favorite "Stampington" Magazines... 
I try. I pick up the magazine or the book and start to read (or even just browse) and in a few seconds (literally) I've put it down. I pull out my camera and go for a drive and nothing inspires me. My art studio is collecting dust and projects just sit from months ago.
Is it because of the renovation? I have unfinished projects waiting to be completed but enough already!
I took some time off work and knocked out a few of them... 
I need to focus. I need to "think hard" and "knuckle down". 
I need to concentrate.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Well, it's about time. I'm finally posting once again! 
The house renovation is coming along but it is the hardest project we've ever taken on. Here are 3 examples of projects still waiting for me and Chuck. The picture above is an unfinished vanity. Well, kinda unfinished. We were using this sink for about a week before I tried to apply stain today.  Apparently water effects the staining surface. No matter what I do, the water drips are showing. Looks like this vanity will now have to be painted...

This is the hallway wall. Obviously the work here is apparent. Chuck will plaster and I will do a knock down and paint it.

This above picture is the kitchen door. What an ordeal this has been! Chuck is STILL working everyday on this one!

See what the tag says? No, not very calm but trying.
I am having a cup of calm tea, looking forward to completion. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hey, is that the new counter top?  Yes it is!!!