Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus Christ.
He is not here He is RISEN!"

Remembering to give thanks to God, everyday.

And always trusting in God's plan.

Happy Easter 2011.
I won't be posting again until May 8th. Because I'm going to ART AND SOUL!!!!
I am almost packed. My suitcase is at 44 pounds (6 pounds short of the 50 lbs limit) and I don't have my makeup, hair blower, hair product, and dress outfit. I think I may end up having to pay the extra $$$ and go over the limit.
Only 2 more days, I fly out on Wednesday.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

painting and packing

This weekend was spent gathering supplies for Art and Soul. I only have TEN MORE DAYS to go!!! The down side to this art convention is getting all of this stuff together for the classes. I swear I need a separate suitcase for all the project supplies!

I did take part of my day to finish off the yellow journal's seven and eighth page.

I will be packing up the journal and delivering (in person) to my sister. Yeay!!! 5 days and 4 nights in Atlanta after the "Art and Soul" convention!!!

This is the start of the supplies needed for the classes. Now, where's that suitcase?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Too much good stuff

Once again, time to organize. The problem is, I've decided I have too much stuff.

This is under my work table where I'm suppose to be able to put my feet. The box on the right is my soldering supplies, on the left is my antique typewriter and the middle is where I store my ink pads and what I use to carry my supplies to class.

Baskets and baskets of (really good, important) stuff...? What is in there?

The top of the closet. I need to part with some of this! I've collected for years and I'm sure it's good. Right?
continued in following post.

Too much (good) stuff/ continued.

Stuff under the bed.

Some good stuff in the TV hutch cabinets.

Second shelf in the closet. I NEED the pony, right? And the candle stick I paid 50 cents for and the flowered water cup for watercolor painting...

And we all need eggs and a tiny bird cage. Oh yeah, that's a bag of clumps of moss, behind the bird cage. Give or throw away these wonderful treasures? I think not!
At the end of the day, I did manage to throw SOME things away.

above/my "get rid of pile"
All right, not too much being thrown away, but it's a start. After the lasiks I don't need glasses and this box was empty. Pretty easy to get rid of these two things.
Maybe I need professional help. A professional organizer to come and get me out from under this overwhelming feeling of being smothered by my (really good) junk. Isn't there a reality TV show called "Buried Alive/life of a hoarder"? I can get my own reality show and call it "Buried Under Art" or "Smothered by Supplies" or "Creative Suffocation" . You get the idea.

Storing unmounted stamps

Unmounted stamps are a problem because you can't keep them organized. At least I can't seem to. When I need a stamp, they are all jumbled together.

above photo/plastic holders that came with the box
The box I bought was made for unmounted stamps. The clear plastic holders worked pretty well for the larger stamps. But once again the smaller ones were getting mixed up.

above photo/ slide holders
My friend Donna suggested I use different sized plastic holders. Talk about luck, my husband use to shoot "slide film" ( or more commonly known as just "slides") The "slide organizer" size is perfect for the smaller stamps!

above photo/baseball cards
Or luckier still, my son's old baseball card holders. The perfect size for the medium size stamps.

Lastly, the plastic pages get put into pretty decorative boxes. Now it's easy to flip through the pages until I locate the stamp I'm looking for.
Yeah! I'm doin a little happy dance...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Red journal

On the postings in February, I talked about the colored journals. Four friends, four journals, four different colors. Mine is dark red. The owner of the journal decorates the cover and back cover and then it begins it's journey to all the other artists, who in turn add to the journal but have to work within your chosen color. Above is the cover of my journal, dark red.

This above photo is the back cover of the journal. It says "youth", "somewhere in the middle", and "old age scares me"

The book came back this week after spending a month with my sister Rudi. The above pencil sketches are of her "daughter in laws" sister.

These pages are of my sister, on the right (really? Did I have to say on the right?) and two of her recent paintings. It's hard to see, but the top left is 3 paintings and the one to the left of Rudi's face is beautiful painting of sea coral. I love the red, orange and gold and the way it runs down into the deep blues.

yellow is following this post.

More yellow journal

Worked on the yellow journal over the weekend. I have to come up with 8 (that's eight friggin) pages. It's really hard! This is the yellow, kinda gothic, slightly hungover, hooker with pink hair, ballerina.

A bird nest... made of fabric and paper.

The start of yellow eggs, or egg shaped heads, or yellow egg shaped heads...
Somebody shoot me.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Can you find my glasses in this above picture?
This is (kinda) what I saw without my glasses on. I couldn't see the alarm clock next to my bed, the fine print (or any print for that matter) the computer screen, the TV... OR if I set my glasses down somewhere, I'd have to find another pair of glasses to FIND my glasses.

Here is a picture without the "blurry". It is still really hard to see my glasses. So in all fairness to my bad vision, it's hard to find them because they have no frames.

Here they are!
HOWEVER, this no longer matters! As of Wednesday at 10:00AM I had "Lasiks"!
It was amazing. I had 'monovision', where one eye sees distance and the other sees close up. It's taking some getting used to, but it's coming along great.Chuck and I went out to dinner and I didn't need glasses for the menu and today I worked on art and I could see!
Truly fantastic!!