Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love Halloween 10/31/10

This is one of my favorite things to do. Take my head and attach it to someone or something else. Here I did it with my best friend :) Kim. It was a Halloween card.

I think this will be my next head transplant. I love this whole picture. I'd have to do the white contacts, goth makeup and make this insane face, but wow! Don't you love it? It's scary and cool at the same time.

This is (obviously) another head transplant. It gives me a good idea of what I would look like if I were a Super Hero. This might be my costume for next year. Maybe I'd need more than a costume... ya think?
hee hee.
Our boy on Halloween 22 years ago. He was 3.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alex and Michelle/ Go to a Halloween party

Michelle was "Nacho Libre" the Pro Wrestler in Jack Black's movie. What a riot! Our son Alex was a coach. I really liked his hair slicked down... Just how old am I? Wasn't that popular in the late 60's???

Now, before you go any further down to see the next picture, the nipples are FAKE. Part of the costume. So, don't be calling me with the OMG comments! She was COVERED COMPLETELY!

The best halloween party EVER!

Last night was one of the best parties ever. Our friend's Vicki and Herald throw a Halloween party every year and they know how to throw a party! It was so much FUN!! They go "all out" with the best decorations I've ever seen. This spooky spider was attached to one of Vicki's "Sid Dickinson's" displays. Which by itself is really cool, but the spider and green lighting really helped set the stage.
Raggedy Ann (Vicki) was our hostess. Her husband (Herald) was Raggedy Andy.

The following 4 posts are party goer's in their costumes and some of the decorations and party ideas.

2nd post to "Best Halloween Party EVER!"

Each room was decorated with outstanding Halloween decorations. Tiny orange lights were draped over everything.

The desert table had the BEST spooky deserts. The hazy lights were caused by smoke machines!

Tiny coffin "R.I.P" brownies!

There was a fortune teller set up in the living room. Once again, the smoky look comes actual smoke machines. Soooo cool!
Following posts, more of the party.

3rd post to "Best Halloween Party EVER!"

Terri (the fireman/woman) her husband (the fire!) and "Doctor" Donna.

The house was dark and spooky. Great for the special effects, but not so great for photos. This is the living room. Every area had fantastic Halloween decorations. The lighting was done with green, red and purple light bulbs which really gave the rooms a haunted feeling.

This was the front entrance hallway. The walkway leading to the front entrance had smoke machines and scary monsters that jumped out and scared you.

"Where's Waldo" and "Toy Story" cowgirl ... (how perfect was she???)

Vicki and two (more) of her friends.
So there was a fortune teller, a character artist and a fantastic DJ playing great music. Still more pictures to come in the next post.

4 post to "Best Halloween Party EVER!"

This was the woman who did character drawings. Here she had finished me and now she was working on drawing "Doctor Donna".

Our finished drawing. I like that she didn't put in any of our wrinkles!

My favorite costume went to the Mad Hatter and the Queen. These two were FABULOUS!!! I was a gypsy.

Herald was Raggedy Andy to Vicki's Raggedy Ann.

A close up of my purple false eyelashes. I loved these so much that I'm going to wear them everyday from now on.
Then again, they're a little drag queen looking and at almost 6 feet tall, I have to be careful that people don't get confused when they look at me...
Maybe I won't be wearing them everyday after all.
Hey, that might be my costume next year!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is it winter?

It looks like winter in the Fullerton's garden. This morning I was strolling around with my camera because the morning light was so pretty. We have this little corner on the back of the house that has this wooden arch with a hanging angel statue. It looked so cold and wintery! Truth is, the caterpillars constantly eat the vine and we can't seem to keep them at bay. In the meantime it sits skeletal and bare.
I'm convinced it is soon going to snow.

Crummy and old.

Hey, found this great headboard "dumpster diving" a few weeks ago. I primed it first with "BIN" spray primer. It's great and even sticks to glass. Spray cans are easiest. Next I painted it a creamy, ivory white.

I painted the scroll work with a "Jan Dressler" stencil. I used shades of gold, green, brown and plum. The crackle (for the aged look) is by "Modern Masters".

Lastly, I wiped brown stain over the entire piece letting it fill in the cracks left by the crackle medium. Now I'll just use some sandpaper to sand off some of the paint so that it looks REALLY old and crummy. HA! Who would think that old and crummy is more popular than shinny and new?

It's time for my treat

Every night I could set my clock to this dogs stomach. He knows practically to the minute when it's time to eat. Or snack. These photos are the "reminding" process.
This is the "Do you know what time it is?" face.

Next is a little more insistent. He's moving forward, scooting actually. His big old head getting more into my line of vision. This is the "I'm really hungry, you know..." face.

This final photo shows determination. There is no getting out of snack time. Notice the set of his jaw and the begging in his eyes. Both forms of mentally breaking me down.
"PLEAZZZEEE! Get my snack! I'm starving to death here."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Publix Faimily

Those of you close to a Publix food store have probably seen a Publix TV commercial. They always show these big families sitting around the dinner table eating fresh pie right out of the oven, held with a perfectly matched set of pot holders by a beautiful aproned grandma type. You can even see the steam rising off the top. An entire family of happy people sit with their plates up, big smiles, all ages, from the grinning babies to that perfect grandma. It almost always makes me tear up.

I've always imagined I would have that.

Since I was 18 I knew what I wanted and somehow I managed to get all my ducks to line up. Just like my mom and dad, life fell into order like a well planned out movie. But best layed plans fall apart. I wasn't in control of things after all.
Will I ever get my big "italian" (not really italian) family, that sit down to family meals, laugh too loud, talk over each other, yell, cry, and get into each others business?

Maybe to some this sounds like a nightmare, to me it sounds like heaven.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Psalms 91:11

One of my favorites. "For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all ways."
That is "in all ways", Not just in the good ways, the happy ways, the ways that make us feel comfortable, but in ALL ways.
I hang onto the threads of my faith.

Gainsville weekend

Mom's birthday was this last weekend. The 'Florida' part of our family got together for a birthday dinner and we had a blast! Mom's boyfriend Bob is such a hoot! He wore this great hat that had fake silver spiked hair! Made me laugh and laugh!

This is Kaila, my niece Amy's daughter. She's the one second from the right. Yeah, she's the smaller one, but don't let that fool you. She's a great cheerleader. Because she is so petite, she will probably be one of the "flyer's" for the cheer leading team, the one that gets tossed up into the air.
It was their Homecoming game and they gave the cheerleader's flowers. Kaila loved hers! Boy, they sure do grow up fast.

Developing grace

I'm in the process of reading Elizabeth Edwards book called "Resilience". The premise of the book is a "reflection of the burdens and gifts of facing life's adversities". Those that know of her, know she is the wife of John Edwards, the man who left her for another woman after 3 decades of marriage. Insult to injury came from her having terminal breast cancer. More than all of that, having lost their 16 year old son, Wade, their first born, to a freak wind that blew his car off of the hwy. in 1996. It's difficult to read... for me anyway. So much of what she says however, is straight from my brain. I suppose it's that underlying question of all who belong to this tragic club, (the one where you loose a child) seem to feel at one time or another. She says, I quote:

"I knew if I could believe in the deepest part of me that death was more than just death, if I could have but the hope of one day with my son, I could live through the other days knowing I had that one I could share with him. And if I could embrace that, we could have-together- life after death reunited, I could live with such peace now knowing I would be with him- not in a year, but someday. But belief in that required belief in a place where we would reunite, a heaven, and therefore a god. But what kind of God could there be if He allowed the wind to take Wade from us? Could I expect such beneficence from the God who let him die? How can I lean on a God who had taken this righteous boy, or even on one who had allowed him to be taken? The faith that might have been so important to me was, I will be honest, more than sorely tested.
I had to reconcile what I had believed, with what I had experienced. I had believed in a God who protected the righteous. I had believed that God would intervene to protect the innocent.
I haven't the will to be angry with God. I don't understand, and all my efforts at understanding are thwarted, paths into brambles, paths into deserts. And yet, I cannot be angry. I know I want something of God. I want to be beside my son, and if I am to hope for this, He is my only way. Where would anger bring me? Further and farther from my boy. What use is that, save the satisfaction of it. The only satisfaction I crave is the warmth of my boys touch and the sound of his voice. I need that hope. It sustains me. But the search for hope was hard, and that path to God's grace was difficult to find. The map I knew did not comport with the ground on which I was walking.
The God to whom I prayed daily for Wade's eternal soul had to be another god than the one I had imagined. I had to reconsider what I had been taught. My God, my new understanding of God is that he does not promise us protection and intervention. He promises only salvation and enlightenment."

So you can see where the difficulty comes for me in reading her book. It puts into words the never ending thoughts and questions that swirl through my head still, after nine years.

I like what she says though, and I like how she says it.
Developing grace.

Monday, October 11, 2010

What are the chances???

Pictured above is the bedroom wall.
Eight years ago I painted my bedroom a golden ocher color. I really love this color. Funny thing though... this past weekend I wanted to repaint our master bathroom. So off to Home Depot I go to look for paint. I pick this great color to match the window valences. It's a beautiful golden ocher color. Is it possible? Did I pick the EXACT same color 8 years later? I think I did!!!

Bathroom wall pictured above.
If nothing else, I can say I'm consistent.

Project with bird nests.

One of my recent project is dried and silk flowers on bird nests. I love these. Well, of course! I love nests in general so this is perfect for me to work on.

This one has berries and ivy leaves. So sweet. :)

My "underwares"

My uniform at Starbucks is black, white, tan. It's not bad. These are the main colors in my wardrobe anyway. However with the green aprons, all of the employees have to look pretty much the same. I'm such a rebel. No one can tell ME what to wear UNDER my uniform. This is one of my bust out sets of socks.

Not so boring after all!

This was the picture frame that was ugly (beat up) bronze. I repainted it a shabby chic creamy white and used an aging stain to take off the "newness". The old picture was torn (but oh it's pretty!) and I did repair work on that also, and the glass is so old, it's waffled! Not such a boring project after all!

Too tired for Sunday

I blog on Sundays. Not this last Sunday, I was exhausted. Posting to commence on Monday instead.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm working on two pieces of furniture this weekend. I'm bored. I want to be working on something more fun than painting furniture white. I have loads of projects (in the more artsy, fun, creative realm) that are calling me. But I am commited to a headboard and a picture frame.

Now THIS... (see the following picture) is what I should be doing! After all, it's October. It's the month of Halloween. The FUN projects out there are endless and really cool! This box in the picture is by an artist named Janie Mattern, out of Pennsylvania.

Both if these artist can be seen in "Somerset Studio Magazine" Sept./Oct. edition.
The following birdcage Halloween fairy is by Lenae May, from Michigan. I love, love, love, this! This one I can't wait to make! I already have my sister as a fairy in a Mason Jar in my studio. I think I'll put her in a birdcage next. Ha! LOL!

................................................ Soon to be sister Kathy in a cage .................................................

bed jumping

Recently we had a mini family vacation. I was spending time with my niece's two adorable kids. Her son (Kaiden) was bed jumping. Over and over he jumped from bed to bed. I remember those days, but somewhere bed jumping had lost it's appeal. Why leap back and forth?

Like so many things, we stop doing it. We lose the childish ideas and become sensible. Where's the fun in that? I think we need to learn to play more, be a little ridiculous, risk being embarrassed. Have a little moment, here and there, of pure silliness.

Maybe not so graceful or athletic as the 5 year old, but I made myself laugh until I cried, and it was good for my soul.