Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who's addicted to TV?

Great, just great. The storm blew out our cable. What storm? There was barely any wind or rain. No TV since FRIDAY! They promised someone would be out yesterday and no one showed up.

Grizzly is just beside himself....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rainy day Friday

Tropical Storm Bonnie came into town this morning with more of a whimper than a growl. There has been some rain and wind but mostly beautiful dark skies with clouds whipping around and distant thunder. Perfect for coffee, couch and some art and reading. Most of the day it's been so dark it looks like it's twilight and not 1:00 in the afternoon.

With all the rain comes inspiration to finish work on the crow picture. No, I'm not loving it. It looks too dirty. In fact I hate it. There are many things that I want to add or subtract but I'm sick of it and I wouldn't even put it on the blog except there has been some comments and suggestions and I feel I need to at least let you all know that I'm putting it in the back of the art room closet.
Whew. That was a very long sentence.

This is as much of it as I'm showing...

I did learn from this working process. The cemetery stamps and crosses are the best. I also recommend the "Stabilo" pencil.

Perhaps I really don't like to paint after all...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rain and wind "oh my!"

I'm off for the weekend and there is a tropical storm coming in. "Tropical Storm Bonnie" will most likely be hitting tonight around 2:00 AM. Tomorrow should be a perfect day. There will be lots of rain and stormy weather... My plan is to keep the coffee pot brewing, curl up on the sofa and make art and read all day. I used one of my 50% off coupons at the craft store and bought a new art book. Now I have 4 magazines and a book that I haven't had a chance to read. Tomorrow will be catch up day.

I often put odd objects in my bird nest's that don't belong. I love to watch people do a double take, peering into the small nests wondering "what the hell?" Here I've put dried rose buds. I have one with melted marbles and another with tiny crystals. I even have one with pussy willow buds. Everyone thinks they're fuzzy gray eggs!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mary Lou

Mary Lou, who are you???
You left me 3 messages on my post and I can't get back with you because you are "blocked".
Post again and leave me an email!!
In regards to your comment on my post called "Can you spare some change", thank you.
I believe (like you said) that we are all equal in God's eyes. I also believe that God knows what is happening in our daily lives but does not step in and change events. He does not "dole out" (thank you for that one also) his grace to some, and not others.
I can't believe it... for my own sanity and continued faith.
In my life I have to believe that the events that have taken place have very little to do with God. They are just living.
PSS let me know how to reach you.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

crow picture (still)

It's hard work trying to become an artist!
I put the crow picture away for a week and started on it again today. I'm still not liking it, but do see some improvement.
The "Stabilo"pencil is so cool! I need to rework the smudged areas so they are more smudgy and I am absolutely loving the cross and cemetery stamps from Michelle Ward (Green Pepper Press).
The yellow crow (see below) is my favorite, but I don't think he is working with the painting. I think I'm going to have to paint him out. In the mean time, I do think he is kinda alright.
I'll keep you posted on how it's coming along and as always, I would love your input.

color vs. b&w

This is a rustic table in my kitchen. There are around 15 bird nests arranged in my own fashion of disarray. I shot this tiny vignette in color but then tried it in black and white. I think I like the b&w best. The big egg cracks me up because it's so large for the tiny nest.
The clock face I purchased at "Art and Soul" on vendor night. What a find! I want about a dozen more.
I have about 6 nest's that are displayed on small rusty urns. I wish I had bought more when I originally found them in "Mount Dora's Antique Extravaganza". They were CHEAP!!

Can ya spare some change?

The store I'm working in this week has a "Dunkin Donuts" a little too close. It calls to me to visit at least once a day. Yesterday when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a homeless man standing close to the door. You know, his clothes were too large, he had the overly tan skin, and way too many layers of clothes (considering the heat).
Crap. I hate this. I hoped to make it into the store undisturbed. He didn't even look up. Great! I made it. Now, of only can get out without him noticing me.
"Excuse me miss, can you spare some change?" I felt the back of my head shrink into my now raised shoulders.
"Sorry, your catching me at a bad time." I replied, which was the truth. I was juggling my cup of coffee, purse, keys and cell phone.
I got into my car and it started to rain. He didn't move, just stood there getting wet. I backed my car around in front of him and gave him a dollar.
As I drove away I watched him in my rear view mirror ask the next person for some change.

"There but by the grace of God go I"

What? I used to love that old expression. But what does it mean? Am I covered by this nice warm blanket of grace from God and this homeless man is not? How many wonderful little niceties have fallen into place for me to land in my wonderful world?
And how many odd missteps have landed him in front of the "Dunkin Donuts"?
I wonder if I were standing close to him and had said that out loud, how would it make him feel?

"Excuse me, I could be like you however, by God's grace, I'm not."

Does our God give some people more grace? If you were born in America you were given grace. You could have been born in impoverished Africa, with a life of horrible struggle. If you were born into a loving family, you were given grace. You could have been born into a hate filled home, filled with abuse or even torture.

So, those poor people born in impoverished Africa didn't get any grace.
And those folks born into hate filled, awful homes missed out on the grace too.

Perhaps I don't understand the phrase.

I do know, I'm not going to use it anymore.

Just a thought

Sunday, July 11, 2010

caffeine energy?

Is it caffeine energy? I go from no art projects to starting 3 in one day. This is my couch. I spent all day on it. Is there room for me here? I watched TV, drank coffee, drew stuff, painted, sanded paper clay and even read some! It was a dream day.

This is a painting I started this morning. It says "Courage" at the top. Chuck says the big bird in the foreground needs some courage. He looks frightened, like he's looking over his shoulder, scared.
I haven't decided what to do next on this. I need some help. I think I'll add some more words and maybe glue or crackle some on the surface. Are you suppose to draw it out first? I just got my gravestone stamps from "Green Pepper Press". I'd like to put them in there somewhere but then it starts looking too macabre... do I care?

Speaking of "macabre" These are some paper clay heads I'm playing with. I painted them today too. See what I mean? I was really on a roll today! I'm loving this paper clay. Thank you Julie Haymaker Thompson! I don't know what I'm going to do with them... Maybe start an early Halloween project.

Griz didn't care. He kept trying to get close to me but couldn't fit between the couch and table. I purposely move them very close together so he can't get in to slobber on what I'm working on. His feelings were hurt.

Can you tell?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday gifts

My mom knows me so well. She got me these eggs for my birthday! How could she know? They are perfect!
Next my sister sent me a box from Georgia. Doesn't everyone love a box in the mail? Look what she and my sweet niece (Brittany) found for me! A beautiful bird nest to hold my new eggs!! My family totally gets me. I'm not excited about jewelry or clothes or shoes, but get me some eggs and forgotten nest and I am thrilled!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


One of my very best friends had "Lasiks" done on her eyes today. She's been wearing glasses for 5 years and decided she was tired of it.
I am so over wearing glasses too. I hate them.
Right after she had it done she could see 20/20. Wow! And it only took seconds!! The doc said her eyes will get better each day for a few weeks. It's amazing!

Does anyone out there have any experience with the Lasiks surgery?

more journal pictures...

These are part of my journal. Aren't they funny? Did they put them there by photo shop or did they pose? I want to believe they posed.

This is another one of my tiny pictures. She's about 3 inches by 2 1/2 inches. Really tiny! But I had fun painting her. I like purple hair.

Love these funky weird girls

These are some of the most fun stamps I own. I don't know why they continue to entertain me.
I use them on cards, envelopes, in my polymer clay art, tags and ATC's.
They are by Daniel Torrente from (602) 862-0237 I have 2 more on order right now... one is a spider with jail house stripes on his body and another weird woman like the one below only she has wings... kinda like a bat! Can't wait!!

New stamps

My new set of stamps just arrived from Michelle Ward/Green Pepper Press. They are beautiful! I cleaned off some space to cut them all out, but my work space is still so crowded! I still haven't finished my necklace from Sally Jeans soldering class at Art & Soul on the left and I have 3 other projects on the table waiting for me to work on as well. That's not to forget the 4 or 5 sitting in the closet! Now I want to put all of it aside and start working on Michelle's cool stamps! I seriously need to quit my job (out of the question right now) or win the lottery! Once again I need to read up on how to complete one thing before starting another...

Below is the new set stamped out on paper. I think she made them just for me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Cribs" for spiders

Isn't that what the cool people call houses these days, "cribs"? This is a spider's crib!
They are these lovely, floaty, thin, crescent moon shaped, webs.

Here, it's a regular neighborhood... ( "web crib" in the hood... hee hee)
During the day, they disappear, but in the mornings they are all over the field. I think that many movie producer's get their ideas from nature. These are something I could see in a movie like "Avitar". Or maybe someday I'll see them in a children's book as some part of the illustration.
Cool, yes?