Sunday, May 30, 2010


Once again I'm stuck. I need to get organized. There are too many things on my plate and I want them all to stay there! I like all my stuff that's swirling around my head. I want to work on all of it, but it causes me to not move in any direction at all. I need to go buy a book about how to start to flow again.

I won something!!!

I never win anything. Well, I can't say that anymore. Our local "Fresh Market" store had a Mother's Day basket they were giving away. All you had to do was sign up. No raffle tickets to buy, no sign ups for future sales calls, just sign your name and leave a contact number. So I signed my name and Hey! I won! It was beautiful! There were candles, 2 bottles of wine, hand cream, a mug, cookies, English biscuits, candies.... Score!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Grizzly getting a little sun

How's this for a comfy postion? Grizzly was catching a few minutes of sun this afternoon. He is one big puppy!

ART and Soul

We have returned! Our trip to Hampton, Va. was unbelievable! The"Art and Soul" art retreat, is the best. I only wish it were two weeks instead of one.
As we sat in the main lobby/bar amongst like minded friends (and people soon to become friends) I couldn't stop myself from wanting to make all the other wonderful projects that everyone else were holding! Such fabulous works of art! (just how are they going to get those pelicans on the airplanes?) I wanted it all!
I'm going to have to figure out a way to go to two "Art and Souls" a year instead of just the one...

Art and Soul/ some of the gang

This is my gang! We shared our hotel room, shared our food and shared our projects at the end of the day. I couldn't ask for a better group. Left: Rhonda, Middle: Donna, Right: Vicki
This is the gang from "Collage", the store that was brought in from Oregon. Maria, to my right, is the owner. Many, many thanks to them for saving me when I ran out of things OR just wanted to take advantage of their terrific 50% off sale on Sunday!

Art and Soul/ Metal Clay

Our metal clay class was Thursday evening. We made "Pandora" beads. I enjoyed the class but would have liked it to be an all day class instead of 3 hour class. I really needed more time. Hmmmm.... now where did I put my Pandora bracelet???
My friend Vicki holding her "Metal Clay" book.

Art and Soul/ faux bone

My Friday class was with Robert Dancik. This is a product he calls "faux bone". Its a form of PVC and totally non toxic. You cut it out with a jeweler's saw and then sand it down into whatever shape you want. VERRRYYY COOOL!
Here a piece was heated with a heat gun, then a stamp was pressed into it and shoe polish was brushed over the surface.
This was a piece he carved with the jeweler's saw and scratched the surface with an exacto knife and stamped circles into the finished surface. A tiny hole was drilled on either side to hold the wire that held the "spinning bead" in place.
It's easy to do "transfer's " onto the surface.
Another one of Robert's pieces. All of these were his.... I still can't find mine in my pile of stuff from the trip.

Art and Soul/ JDM

Wow! I got to work with torches! This picture is of Stephanie Lee working on a piece of her jewelry. This was an intense class. I will definitely work on this some more. Unfortunately, my piece I made was in need of more work, so, you won't be seeing it.
Attaching a jump ring to the bezel.
I DID complete the bracelet (shown here in the foreground) and I'm wearing it right now! The necklace is so gorgeous! Stephanie had already sold this one. I really wish I had made more progress. This necklace can be worn 3 different ways.
This is a close up of one of Stephanie's bezels. It is filled with found objects, glued into place. The top cover is mica, secured down with 2 part epoxy glue and wrapped in silver wire. OMG! It was so pretty.

Art and Soul/ Sally Jean and her daughter

Art and Soul/ Sally Jean

This is Sally Jean's completed necklace. It was so beautiful. It comes apart so you can wear it 2 different ways.
A close up of Sally's necklace.
This is the one I was making. I don't wear much in blues so I made mine in tan, black and red.
A close up of the center, smaller heart.
This is as far as I got in the class. Didn't have time to complete the project. The big question is will I complete it now that I'm home? I absolutely love her jewelry. This is the third class I've taken from her and can not wait to take another.

Art and Soul/ Walking Rusty

Julie and me
Four of our completed ladies walking Rusty.
Rusty is made from paper clay and painted with reactive metal iron paint. Too adorable!
Hmmm, I need a name for her. She is so french looking!
A close up of her paper head.
Love, love, love this stuff!

Walking Rusty/ Art and Soul

By now we're home. We're tired and a little brain dead from 5 days of classes. I would have stayed longer if the classes had continued, but alas all good things must come to an end. Our last class was with Julie Haymaker Thompson. What a great way to end the week. Not only is her work with paper clay amazing, so is the woman behind the clay. Seriously, I fell in love with her. Her teaching is so easy to grasp and the potential for the medium is limited only by your imagination. It's the first project I'm going to play with at home! Can't wait to get my hands back into the clay.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

gotta love a good party!

Our best friend Kim threw (three girlfriends) a big birthday party. It was a riot! There is nothing better than good friends and a really good party! We had so much fun. The next 2 posts are some pictures from our terrific night. Thank you Kim!

French martinis and musical chairs!

Cindy, Linda and Donna took musical chairs very seriously. To the point of stealing the chair out from each other! But we had a winner!

some of the gang and too much dancing

Musical chairs, dancing and great friends.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

dancing with joy

I took these pictures of my niece quite a few years back. She was just dancing around, twirling and jumping. I remember thinking how free she looked. I put the pictures in my journal and played around with sketching and writing about her. She's a gift.
Hang in there, I love you Brittany.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

such a loser

I keep trying. They call it "playing the lottery game". That's when you plan out (in your mind) how you would act, what you would tell your husband, how would you spend your winnings, etc... It gets quite detailed and it is a game that we all play at one time or another, IF you ever bought a lottery ticket. When I ask the cashier to check and see if I won, they hand back the ticket with a very (fake) sad look and say "Sorry, maybe next time" or something like that. Then they hand back the losing ticket and it's always stamped with "NOT A WINNER".

I'm really glad they're not stamped with "YOUR A LOSER", I might have to quit playing my dream game.
Tonight the lottery Power Ball is at 92 million.
I'm going to win.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

If only I had the guts.

This should be titled, "If only I had her back"! Wow, is this not the most amazing tattoo ever? This is from a tattoo website that I saw maybe 3 years ago. It's another thing in my journal. See what I mean about my journals? They hold everything, pretty pictures, weird ramblings, ugly thoughts, decorating ideas, art ideas... I don't think I'm ever going to make them true art journals. I can't stop putting in pictures like these that really inspire me.

I want a store.

This was from one of my journal pages from 2004. Everyone that is in the art world has lists of ideas bouncing around in their brains. I'm always amazed at how many of the same ideas stay on the lists, year after year. My list currently is twice that long and includes (once again) wanting my own art/craft/teaching/pastry&chocolates/florist/stamp and supply store. I need to win the lottery or I need someone with very deep pockets to invest. Someone who doesn't care if they lose all their money, because I don't know why I think my store will work when so many do not. Sorry if this is a repeat blog post. It's always in my head somewhere, this weekend it's front and center.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Journal stuff

I thought I'd post a few pictures of my journals and weird pages within.

1.) I've been using the same journals (from Barnes and Noble) for many, many years now.
2.) My picture when I was 6. My wings went away when I grew up. :-(
3.) A journal entry with a photo of my favorite place in the living room.
4.) Some of my tiny paintings.
5.) A bad day for my self image.

cutting off heads...

I love to take my head (and the heads of others) and put them on different body's. This is one of my friend Maryln and myself that was taken many years ago.
More pages from my weird journals.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A very old window

I have this very old window that I bought at the Mount Dora Antique Show. I took some photos that I love, enlarged them to 8x10, and attached them behind the panes of glass.
I love it.