Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simply the most beautiful magazine ever.

This magazine is the most beautiful magazine ever. It is called:
The Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine
It is a Danish magazine that is translated into English. The one here (that I took pictures of) is on loan from my friend Donna. She thinks she is getting it back. I'm thinking about pretending to lose it.

Just look at these beautiful photographs. The way they used the old windows and distressed shutters, delicious!

Doesn't everyone want one of these old arched windows? I've been looking for years now, but no luck. My friend Faith has one, it has photos (attached on the inside of the glass) of her daughter's wedding. It is magnificent.

This article is about decorating candles. There are more photos in the following post from this magazine.

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  1. you are so creative. The quantity of creativity God put in you--just one young chic--is breathtaking & Ceaseless! Oh, hey, addded your blog to my blogroll. See ya 'round! :)