Thursday, August 19, 2010

AMY! Your the best!

My darling niece Amy, has fixed my Blog! She told me how to get rid of the "mumbo jumbo" words that kept popping up instead of the photos! I had no idea what order the pictures were in when I was posting. She told me I had the "Edit Html" button on instead of the "Compose" button. SHE WAS RIGHT!! And now I can finally see once again! Yipee!!
I love my niece Amy and she loves me too.
Nick, you are no longer my blog hero.


  1. YEA!!! Glad you got it all figured out! And YES I do LOVE YOU!!! Love the Green Apron!

  2. Sorry Nick you are out and Amy is in!!! you learn something new everyday !! good for you!! I am learning how to put dvd clips on my blog it is fun!!

  3. Hi Karen- thank you so much for stopping by to visit me at my blog and for the sweet comment you left. You are such a cutie and I love your blog. I will come visit often

    Have a beautiful day, Lorraine