Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello everyone,
I'm home today, fighting back a cold that threatens to keep me from my new job. :(
I can't miss work already.

This is that time of year. Should I say awful? Yeah, that about sums it up. Working has kept me busy. That's a good thing, kinda. It's nonstop customers, learning new things, meeting new people. But you can't escape 'it'.
Chuck's doctor said "The body doesn't let you forget". That is true. Pain sneaks up and knocks you over when you least expect it.
This week I found a toy skateboard in the parking lot. It was tiny, about 3 inches. Someone had run over it in their car, so it was almost broken in half.
I got knocked over, practically knocked out of my car. The broken skateboard is still there, in my car, on the seat. I can't throw it away.
It will stay with me like everything else that I can't lose. Those things that keep him here, in front of me, so it doesn't all fade away.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

new life for an old lampshade

I'm never throwing away another nasty lampshade. This one had some small brown stains on it. (see the top of the shade) I decided to shred it and add strips of tea stained fabric and ribbon. It was so easy! I sat on the couch watching "Lake Placid 3" (the 40 foot crocodile that lives in a lake in Maine, ya gotta love the syfy channel! ) and started cutting strips of material.

Next step was to hot glue the strips down at the top and bottom, over lapping and knotting strips for more interest.

The last step is to find a base. This is a spindle that I may wire for electric. I really like the two together.
off to make something else!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

AMY! Your the best!

My darling niece Amy, has fixed my Blog! She told me how to get rid of the "mumbo jumbo" words that kept popping up instead of the photos! I had no idea what order the pictures were in when I was posting. She told me I had the "Edit Html" button on instead of the "Compose" button. SHE WAS RIGHT!! And now I can finally see once again! Yipee!!
I love my niece Amy and she loves me too.
Nick, you are no longer my blog hero.

The Story of the Aprons

The Artist Apron
My first apron (that I can remember) was one I made myself and hand painted paint brushes on it. It was my first "Artist" apron. I figured that if I had a cool apron, I would look more like an artist, kinda like wearing a french barret and maybe a cape or something. I don't think I ever wore it for very long. I tried to, but it was too long and hot and I kept getting tangled up in the length. So much for cool.

The Orange Apron
Home Depot's apron was orange. The management used to say "Karen, you bleed orange blood." Then they told me I wasn't allowed to "go to blue". I think that means they didn't want any of their employees to switch over to the Sherwin William's (blue) apron. Home Depot was fun. I don't look very good in the color orange though and they wouldn't order me a special color like fuchsia...

The Purple Apron
The Art and Soul apron is purple. This is my playtime apron. I only have to look at it and I get happy. It's like a dog that sees you pick up the leash. Suddenly he's excited and happy and it's not even on yet.

The Blue Apron
My job at Sherwin Williams had me wearing a blue apron for five and a half years. This is a wonderful place to work.! I will miss this apron and all my wonderful friends.

The Green Apron
My newest apron is GREEN! It's a Starbucks apron. I am loving working at the coffee shop. It's clean, they play great music, it smells like coffee, the food is terrific and the customers are so sweet. I also love the pace, it is non stop! Here is a picture of me in the latest apron.
Hey, a "Coffee Master" wears a black apron... maybe that's next!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Bye Sherwin Williams!

All good things come to an end and my time at Sherwin Williams has reached that point. Last week was my final run. I will miss everyone that I worked with. They're a great group of people and it's a wonderful company. After my hours were cut back to 30 hours a year and a half ago, I realized I love working part time and good old SW (unfortunately) doesn't offer part time insurance. So it's onward to find a new job.

The following picture is of Cassie, my manager and Alex the assistant manager. These two are a couple of SW's best. The next picture is of my big store, the one I spent at least one day a week in.

Hard to believe that my 5 years ends up in the garbage. It's kind of sad. :(

Two of the funniest girls I had the pleasure to work with. This is Fida (standing) and Shaunie. I will miss these two women so much.
So, what is my next job?? Drum roll please..... STARBUCKS! It's perfect! I work the early shift so I get off at 1:30 PM and I work Monday through Thursday, off Friday and weekends and NO nights. And YEAH, they offer insurance to people that work part time. Also, free coffee!
Can't wait to start.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amanda's wedding shower

My friend's daughter is getting married. Amanda, she is as adorable as she is beautiful.

The wedding shower was this weekend. I've never had girls and our son is far from considering the whole marriage thing so all the hoopla around weddings is pretty much lost on me. However, that being said... I did fall in love with the event this last weekend. The bride to be is so precious. Her friends were beyond lovely, the "out of a story book" kind of girls. It was beautiful. The home where the shower was held was gorgeous, and the hostess, a great lady.

flowers and food for the shower

The home was so pretty, perfect for entertaining! The flowers were perfect! Amanda's colors are purple with white.

Not only were the flowers beautiful, but the food was delicious and beautiful too!

more wedding shower

This was such a great idea. The branches are from an oak tree. We pulled off the leaves, spray painted the branches silver and secured them in the base of the vase with melted marbles. The tags are for the guests to write wishes and thoughts for the bride's upcoming life as a married woman. We hung crystals on the branches and the guests hang the tags on the branches after they write their thoughts. The look is completed with votives and more crystals. Beautiful!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nothin cuter than a tiny ass

This is just the sweetest little thing! His ears are as long as his face! There are 4 mini donkeys that live next door, this baby is the latest addition. I don't quite get the "mini" part. Why raise such tiny animals? What purpose do they serve? Our neighbors also raise mini cows... What? Yeah, that's right, tiny cows and tiny donkeys.
Maybe they eat a lot less so they are economically a better choice, like tiny cars. The tiny donkeys are not nice, though. Because they are so small, they are very tough. The daddy donkey will run at the full size horses and spin around at the last minute and place a well aimed kick at the horse. Seriously, yawn, the horse could care less.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is what I see when I upload a picture.
The actual photo that I upload comes through in the end, but I have to type around all this mumbo jumbo stuff and I don't see the picture that I'm blogging about. Any suggestions?

I can't afford my habit

Oh dear,
I did it again. I swear to myself that I'm not going to buy any more magazines for a while. But, that darn "Stampington"! They keep coming out the the most beautiful magazines! It's like buying a beautiful book. Today my two favorites hit the news stands, "Where Women Create" and "Artful Blogging". They are gorgeous.

I saw a man in front of "Barnes and Noble" the other day. He was wearing a t-shirt that said

"God, keep me from temptation...

especially book stores.

I need that shirt!

Another Freakin Sinus Headache!

Doc Shiparo has really helped me with the headaches. They aren't nearly as bad as before. But, they still REALLY mess up my day. I've had a nagging sinus headache since THURSDAY! Today is SUNDAY! What the hell!!!
Once again though, it has finally passed. I have no headache this evening. I lost a good part of the weekend, but at least the hammering has finally ceased in my head.

Monday, August 2, 2010

a day of great deals

Love this clock. I paid a whopping $3.00 for it!! I'm planning on making it a mini theater!

A day of garage sales and dumpster diving brings great rewards. Donna and I just about passed out from the heat, but it was totally worth it!

Still working on trying to blog without seeing the pictures. I'm guessing this text is ending up in the right place...

Now this is funny!

Read this sign, it is too funny!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can't post pictures??

Can't seem to get my pictures to post...
What is the matter here?