Sunday, April 3, 2016

I left you a present.

It's time to replace the couches in my family room. We bought them a couple of years before I started home schooling our two boys. That was the second grade for our youngest and he is now 30 years old. I would say they need to be replaced. I've decided I hate shopping for furniture even more than I hate shopping for clothes. I have spent 3 weeks now, driving from store to store, trying to find what does not exist. There are NO comfortable, inviting, soft, durable, (not too expensive) dark tannish colored couches. I'm about to give up. 

On the bright side, I painted this pup from a picture I took on vacation. While his owner was explaining (to my sis) how to get where we were heading to, I started snapping pictures of his adorable, albeit guilty looking, little dog. 
I named the painting "I left you a present." or maybe 
"I'm glad you're home, someone made a real mess."

I think I'm going to do a large bear next. Here is my first pencil sketch of bear #1.