Sunday, September 14, 2014

Girl's Art Week

Girl's Art Week

There is nothing better than an all girl's art week. That's right, the girl's, art, coffee, art, wine, more art.
Oh yeah… add in Frito's and crunchy Cheeto's.

I was in Atlanta visiting my sister Rudi, and BFF Kim. We went to an "Art Walk",  
visiting 'working'  art studio's in downtown Atlanta.  Such incredible artist there! 
My favorite was 
Her art was beautiful and her studio was gorgeous!  

The above art is my chalk drawing of the three of us.
Below is the actual group.

The "Yellow Daisy" Festival was wonderful! Not much in the form of art, however beautiful crafts, homemade breads/syrups/hot sauces and all forms of jewelry. 

I painted 3 paintings and as always, learned so much. The painting below is called:
"What Condition My Condition Is In".
You may remember the song from the 1968 hit "Just Dropped In (to see what condition my condition was in) written by Micky Newbury. Here's a little history for those of you who liked the song… it was first recored by Jerry Lee Lewis in 1967. In 1968 it was re-released by the band "The First Edition" with Kenny Rogers singing lead vocals.
All of which is more interesting than the painting, but I enjoyed painting it.

Rudi (my sister) painted and wrote more of her wonderful story that she is soon to be self publishing.
While visiting her son's & daughter's law offices, I noticed the below art work on the wall.
It was a really cool piece from long ago, so I published it in this post because 
I always loved her "Pallet Art".

The piece below is what Kim was working on.
She hadn't named it when I had left, however I'm sure it will have
the number 423 in there somewhere. (Rudi counted the marks…)

Lastly, the 3 of us having dinner.
It was an amazing week and I already feel the need to return.

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful trip.