Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Four Angels

My latest projects.

I've just completed a set of four angels on wooden plaques. They are approximately 6"x12". 
They are each a season and have a word with spiritual meaning.
The above is the Faith Angel and she is the Spring.

The Peace Angel is the Summer Angel. 

This 'lovely', is the Hope Angel. She is the Fall. 

Lastly is the Winter Angel of Love.

Once again, this week I am reminded how much fun it is to have inspiration. 
These were so much fun to work on, that is, once the idea hit. 
I will be teaching these at the Paper Niche store in September, October and November.
Class cost is $50.00 and the student class limit is 12.

It's a good thing that I had a focus this week. It has been a tough one. Personal reasons are at a high…

Not going to share on this one, however I will vent about the technical side.

My art studio TV (less than 6 months old) ceased to work this week. Big black screen. The good news is Best Buy says they will (maybe ) fix it. It's out for repair.
My iPod (less than 2 months old) will not 'shuffle' songs. It just plays the same song over and over.
Best Buy will NOT help in this case.
My cell phone (flip top, also less than 2 months old) has a black screen. Possibly it has a messed up battery because I leave it plugged in over night and somehow fried the battery. I had to buy a new one.
The Apple lap top I'm typing on keeps misbehaving,  like not scrolling down.

My husband says I have a "Force Field" around me causing these devices to break down.
I have a low frequency hum, that breaks down anything that is electronic.

Did I mention that my boss, Liz, has moved back to Cleveland this week? It was totally unexpected  (better that I had no idea, had I known for more than I did,
I would have figured out a way to sabotage her leaving) now I'm super sad.

This has been a week of headaches.
I'm glad I had the Angels.