Sunday, July 27, 2014

Give yourself a 'Why'.

Give Yourself A Why

I finished this crow. It feels too dark. I mean literally, too dark. I think it needs the contrast of more light colors.  I'm not crazy about the lettering, either. Also, it's sealed with a gloss finish so I can't do any  corrections. I have to stop reworking it and reworking it.  
HOWEVER, I do like some of the painting (kinda) AND I like the wording. 

It says

"Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how." -Victor Frankl

Give yourself a 'Why'.

On another note, it's interesting when I come home and see a closed door.
No one ever closes doors so I'm thinking "What's up in here…"

You know those sayings "you know your family's a redneck when…"

Our spare bedroom.

Now the room smells of tire rubber.
Oh boy.

My son's new 37" truck tires...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Really Tacky Makeover!!!
(but a favorite of mine!)

The art studio/guest bedroom continues to be a source of inspiration and fun. The lamp below
is a dumpster dive piece. These are REALLY cool and I've managed to score 2! Even if you don't use them for lighting or candle holders, you can take them apart and get 6 really awesome metal squares that have a very gothic feel… If I find another, I'm going to use the metal squares as picture frames… The one pictured below is on a old post and I just decorated with some crystals, pearls and put two candles in it. It's old and cool.
Can you believe people throw these away???

OK, now here comes the really tacky version...



 My studio is all white… stuff. 90 % is reclaimed, repurposed, hand me downs, dumpster dive, freebies… This lamp, same as the first one is spray painted gloss white. The inside plastic that covered the light bulb was very yellowed with age, so I replaced the bulb with a low heat bulb (L.E.D?) and made a new cover out of PAPER!! I wrapped the old cover and just slid the paper off, (after I taped the sides together) and now I have a pretty (pure white) bulb cover! 
Next came the fun part. I had some old sparkly costume jewelry that I never wore. I found 5 foot strands of pearls (cheap) at Christmas time, that is used for Christmas tree garland. I hung a junk pearl necklace and found even MORE pearls at "Party City" in the pirate section. 
Oh yeah… I found a set of 5 crystals (for chandeliers) at Home Depot. I believe they were $5.99.

I draped and hung and draped more and layered until it was super tacky.

I love it.

Here it is shown below in the right hand corner.

And again here, in the right corner.
A wider view of the studio and bedroom.
A fun and tacky (I say glamorous) chandelier!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Such Whimsy! 

The next class will be July 26th, Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM.
Sign up at my favorite store, the Paper Niche.
 This funny girl with her pets 
will be the painting we will be working on. 
There will be plenty of possibilities for making her "your own". 
(see next photo)

Check 'Paper Niche's' web address (above) to see the supply list.
Join me for a day of easy, fun and relaxing painting.

I hope to see you there!