Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crows and such.

Working (playing??) in the art studio.  I don't think I can call it "working" unless
I get paid for it. :)
This week I'm practicing my crows.
The journal page is done in acrylic and water color crayons.

I finally got around to installing some lighting under the angel shelf.

Ikea sells these long flat tube lights that stick on with double stick tape. 
They often use them to illuminate  the backs of TV's, but all I know
is they are cheap and easy to install.

This is the finished shelf. I keep all my paints within arms reach, it's perfect! 
The shelf is over 6 feet so it holds a lot of supplies. 
The angels supports came off a small end table. The table was iron and was pretty rusted, to the point where one of the legs was rusted through at the top support.
I cut them off the table and attached them under the shelf, added the Ikea lighting and I love it.
So I threw that out pretty simple… the whole… "I attached them under the shelf" comment.
Hmmmm, actually I have them glued into place with E6000 glue. 
I couldn't figure out how to get them to stay put. 
It was a pretty snug fit to begin with so the heavy duty glue is doing the job. 
I didn't want that to sound so "well this is all you have do" …
I'm pretty good with double stick tape and heavy duty glue 
when it comes to putting furniture together!

Below is the before photo of the old table.

Thank you Kim J. for giving me this wonderful old table.
It is my favorite thing in the new art studio!