Monday, January 13, 2014

Studio reading area.

The reading nook,  stamp and fabric storage.
The above picture is the "after".
The below picture is the "before".
This is another one of the closed off french doors. Again, dark and more wood.  As you can see by the above photo, the walls can not be painted because they continue into the downstairs room. I took the old dresser (dumpster dive piece with missing drawers) painted it white. The baskets I use instead of the drawers worked great as they were. They hold lots of my fabric. I did buy the large white bookshelf (seen above) at Walmart for $29.98. I use it for some of my stamp storage.
"before" photo below

This sign (below) was from my friend Kim J.  I repainted it to fit in the studio. It's a "Gorman", a well known sculpture artist. I don't think he would mind that I painted over what someone else had already painted over on his original piece. Does that make sense?  I love it. Oh yea… the crow butt… It's from a crown I made for Halloween a few years back. 
I couldn't bear to throw away the back half of the crow, now it looks like he flew into the bill board.  


This sofa below was in good shape, just dirty and had strange orange stains on the bottom half. I decided to try my hand at making slip covers and pillow covers. However, because I was covering it with white denim and linen, I was worried the orange would bleed through onto the white fabric. I scrubbed it with Oxi Clean but it just made it a bigger mess of stains. 
My husband suggested I paint the fabric BEFORE I put the slip cover on. WHAT?!?! Why not? I used a paint with a strong stain blocker. It doesn't matter what it looked like because it was being covered anyway! It worked great. No stains have come through and the couch works great.
Below is the "Before" couch.

This is the couch after. (see below) 

The below photo is the "before" of the table. I bought this at a flea market for $20.00. It's a great little table, although had a lot of water spots and damage to the surface. I sanded, primed and painted it. I used a little blue in places as an undercoat so when I sanded it, a light periwinkle blue shows through.

Below: Photo of table, sofa and wood ceiling.

This little angel was in the yard but I brought her inside to the new space. I wanted a crown for her, but she has a large head and nothing fit. The other day in Ikea, I found a metal pencil holder for $1.50. I cut off the bottom of it, cut one side open and laced it like a corset in the back with ribbon. It fits her big head and I like it!

Last photo. The view over the rail. One of the support columns on the stairs. This long skinny space works great for some of my polymer pieces and a "Lisa Kaus" piece I bought at "Art and Soul".

Still more to come!

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