Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello Sunday morning.
I love weekends like this one. Not only do I have the time, energy and enthusiasm (thank you Starbucks coffee for the energy and Tammy at Paper Niche for the enthusiasm) I have a few ideas. 
It's early Sunday morning and I have my whole day in front of me. Above is a project that I'm working on, along with several others of girls with animals on their shoulders. I really like this idea and I think that the sweet ladies in my class will like to do it too. Not only do we get to do faces, we get to play with animals art too. Finally, (after months of none) I have a plan! 

Here is a trick I've discovered. Or maybe it's not a trick, just something I've realized. Photos of your art show things you may not notice on the actual painting. Example, her hair looks really weird on the left page.  [ I was trying to correct a mistake when the page tore up. ]   Now, because of this photo, I see it needs more work...

Grizzly thinks it's too early to start. He thinks he needs to sleep in a little longer.
Then again, he will be in this same position all day.

I have on some good, scary entertainment.

This is part of the second project I will be working on.
The third project is still a thought.

This is my vacuum cleaner. It has been sitting over there, just out of my line of sight for 3 days. I know that today I should be cleaning and cooking, but my creative side has taken over.

To that I say "YIPEEEE!"


  1. Griz and I are doing the same thing today....but maybe, after reading your post, I will enter into the studio. haha.

    I love the way the owl's eyes mirror the woman's own eyes. Like this direction you are taking your Art... why oh why do we live so far from each other?!

  2. Thanks Kim! She and her owl should be finished by tomorrow. The girl with the elephant is finished. That's TWO projects that are now ready. My next girl will be a mermaid face with an octopus around her neck. I think I'll round it out with a forth girl (Asian) with hmmmmmmm..... not sure what on her yet. It's fun and I'm finally feeling a little inspired.
    If only you lived close, we would paint all day, drink coffee, switch to wine around 3:30, and eat flat bread pizza.
    I miss you too much.
    Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday. He's turning 30.