Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crowns in the sky.

On my way to get my morning cup of Starbucks 
and I happened to have my camera.

Yep. That's a crown in the sky.

I just wanted to post the super early morning message from God.
I am with you... Look around, life is beautiful.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Girl with an Owl

Girl with an owl.

Tomorrow starts the next set of mixed media art classes at the Paper Niche.
We will be using old book pages, acrylic paints, heavy gel medium, stamps and stencils.
The theme for this next groupings will be girls faces, with animals on their shoulders. The animals will have matching eyes to the girls. I think this is such a cool idea!!!

Some of the projects will be:
An african girl with an elephant on her shoulder. (next class)
For Halloween, a witch with a black cat.
An american indian girl with (maybe) a wolf.
An asian girl with a floating Koi fish.
A mermaid with an Octopus.

Can you see the possibilities? I love having a plan.
If you have any ideas, let me know!

See you soon.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello Sunday morning.
I love weekends like this one. Not only do I have the time, energy and enthusiasm (thank you Starbucks coffee for the energy and Tammy at Paper Niche for the enthusiasm) I have a few ideas. 
It's early Sunday morning and I have my whole day in front of me. Above is a project that I'm working on, along with several others of girls with animals on their shoulders. I really like this idea and I think that the sweet ladies in my class will like to do it too. Not only do we get to do faces, we get to play with animals art too. Finally, (after months of none) I have a plan! 

Here is a trick I've discovered. Or maybe it's not a trick, just something I've realized. Photos of your art show things you may not notice on the actual painting. Example, her hair looks really weird on the left page.  [ I was trying to correct a mistake when the page tore up. ]   Now, because of this photo, I see it needs more work...

Grizzly thinks it's too early to start. He thinks he needs to sleep in a little longer.
Then again, he will be in this same position all day.

I have on some good, scary entertainment.

This is part of the second project I will be working on.
The third project is still a thought.

This is my vacuum cleaner. It has been sitting over there, just out of my line of sight for 3 days. I know that today I should be cleaning and cooking, but my creative side has taken over.

To that I say "YIPEEEE!"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday's art project.

It's time for the Starbucks "Anniversary Blend" coffee to come out again!
Big YUM!!!
I love this coffee and this is my favorite "Siren", our Starbucks logo. I love our 
logo, in fact one of our barista's had the logo tattooed on his calf!
It was a weekend of painting and NO cleaning. 
I loved every minute.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is decoupage dead?

 I need to ask. Is decoupage dead?

I been working in the "new" studio (yeay!!!)
I made the mistake of painting my tables black AND buying black book shelves 
to support the painted-repurposed-door that is now my painting table. I have two 
tables now and both are black which is ok except I've decided to do the studio 
mostly in vintage linens and whites.
I decoupaged one of the black tables with cool papers, stamps and paints.

I was able to bring in some of my angel pictures.

Lots of layered papers and paint made for an interesting collage.

I added messages to myself, like "MAKE SOMETHING"!

Maybe if I say I "collaged" my table instead of I "decoupaged" my table
it will be more acceptable... Hey, I don't care. 
I like it.

This is part of the studio. Some of my nests and eggs.
And a nest of babies...
just for you kim :)

This is the other black table, under the window. 
LOOK! There is art stuff taking place!
It's coming along.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art studio now upstairs.

I moved my art studio upstairs. 

As you go up the stairs, there was this "dead space" (as Chuck fondly referred to it) that was 
also known as the "library". heeheehee library... who am I kidding?
Anyway, it held an exercise machine and books. I needed the space ~ so now, as you go upstairs and head right, tucked away in the small space, is my new art studio.

The new flea market chandelier hangs above the art table.
(see following post about the flea market chandelier)
I'm going to really 'over do it' with more crystals... lots and lots...
Everything in our house is rustic. I need a little "fancy"  :)

The view to the right with the balcony overlooking the living room.
My next plan is to make a "L" shape with work tables. I'm looking for a
hollow door (or something free) to put up on any kind of two supports. 
Anything cheap will do to hold more working space.
Looks like next weekend is "dumpster diving"!

View to the left. I have some great shelves here to hold supplies.
Hopefully, I can get the carpet out (we put it in, when we built the house in 1979) and have
some (fake) wood floors installed.

Looking for a second table about this size...

This is my sister Kathy, in a jar... She came upstairs with my supplies 
and of course the chicken came too.

These are some upcoming projects and finished stuff too.


Always surrounded by some angels...

and few other "flying" friends...

hmmmmmm, not so attractive...

This was the other project this weekend. This pillow (above) was from a couch (also from 1979) that is also upstairs. The couch is very comfortable, but also very dated looking. I've decided to try my hand at furniture recovering. I love the look of linen and white so I'm in process of making pillow covers. Next is to cover the sofa. The pillow (below) is the first finished pillow.

 Hey! I like it! And NO pattern! I felt like an engineer trying to figure out how to 
put all these pieces together! One pillow down, 6 more to go, plus the couch. 

I gotta be nuts.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flea Market FInd!! Score!

I've been in the market for a chandelier.  I want one over my art table, 
but holy cow, they are expensive! 
So yesterday I traveled to the flea market with $40.00 ~ in hopes of finding the perfect treasure.
I came across this lovely, and bargained down to $30.00.

 I suspect I could have gotten it for $20.00 or $25.00...
It was missing some of the crystals and it was covered in many layers of dirt and dust.

I also don't know if I'm in love with the color... Maybe make it white? The brown/amber crystals were also not in the original plan, but even if I put it in one of the bedrooms, I think it's sweet.
Now I have to get my busy husband to add to the wiring 
and figure out how to suspend it from the ceiling. 
Hey, he can't get mad! I saved money!!!

Later friends. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Girl's weekend!

My brother is in town from the Philippines with my niece, Kelly. He decided to go visit friends for the night and Kelly and I got some real "girl" time. I had boys not girls!!! What do I do with a little girl? But my friend recommended what I do best, an art weekend. 
Kelly was totally on board, she loves to journal and paint!

My friend also recommended a trip to the makeup store, after all, what girl doesn't like a lip gloss? 
Next, I did what I love to do and that's take photos. Time for a "America's Next Top Model" photo shoot. Wash and blow dry the hair, use that new lip gloss, set up the "Top Model" fans to blow the hair 'model style' and .... What fun we had!!!!

Kelly loved it and she is so photogenic! 

Of course we made prints of some of the photos because it's Father's Day. 
We needed a gift for daddy!

Time for our next project.

We made her dad a picture frame, made from (mosaic tiles) polymer clay and put in one of the photos. It turned out beautiful.

I had a great girl's weekend. I love this kid!
Thank's Kelly! I had such a ball!
'auntie k'

Sunday, June 9, 2013

angels & butterflies

I spent most the weekend (still) setting up the new studio area. It's coming along, however 
the floor (original carpeting since 1979) needs to come out and be replaced with 'fake wood' floors.  The rest of the area is up and working just fine. Well, I'M not working "just fine", 
but the space seems like it's going to.  

I worked on another canvas this weekend. It's difficult, but I'm taking the advice
of my 'muse' and I pretend it's not a canvas but rather a journal page. 
This certainly makes the painting come a little easier.

I'm posting the above photo to prove I am working on a canvas.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Go find your wings"

Note to self. Go find them. My 'wings'   that is. 
I've wanted to paint on canvas's for a very long time.
I don't know... maybe I believe that a "real" artist paints on canvas, make believe artists paint on something that can be thrown away more easily. I just couldn't seem to get over the fear. 
After my recent trip to Georgia my friend made me paint on canvas's (eeekk)  and I did it.

I did it.

Then I got home and got out all my paint, bought some canvas's and there it all sat in a pile. I tried to paint something but I got tied up in knots.  So I called her and complained that once I separated from her (I lost my muse) and could no longer paint anything.
 Her suggestion was "Pretend it's one of your journal pages." 
Hey! It's not so terrifying anymore!

The above CANVAS is still a work in progress, 
but it's not headed for the garbage.

I'm finding my wings.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Such a sweet new package!

Welcome to the world sweet little Maeve.

My boss had a baby girl this last Monday. They named her 
"Maeve Elizabeth Robitailli".
She is the sweetest and prettiest little package of
snuggly, soft sweetness!
She has a full head of black hair and tiny little fingers, weighing in at
a very respectable 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

She has an older sister, Leah. 

Oh, what an adorable older sister she is! The above picture is Leah's hand,
with her new baby sister's hand on top.
Leah is only 3 and a half, but little Maeve is so tiny!!

No wonder she is such a pretty baby.

The above picture is her handsome daddy. There is something so cool
about that full sleeve tattoo, holding that tiny baby. 

The other reason she's such a pretty baby. 

Here is mommy Liz, showing big sister Leah, the new baby.

A sweet first few minutes with "her" new baby.

I love the awe in Leah's face.

 She is so amazed that this little bundle is going home with her!

A huge congratulations to Liz, Tom and Leah 
on the newest, tiny addition to their family.

She is most precious.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stone angels

My love of stone angels.

The above photo was taken in the Newnan, Georgia cemetery.

The following photos were all taken at the Oakland Cemetery,
in Atlanta, Georgia.


One of my 'bucket list' desires is to buy a vintage pull behind trailer. Id dress it up in shabby chic whites, creams and beige's with a hanging crystal chandelier over the table. I'd load it up with my art supplies and camera and travel around the United States painting, visiting friends (and making new ones) see the country and visit as many cemeteries as possible to take pictures of the angels.
"The Traveling Dream Trailer"