Saturday, June 23, 2012

Next class

Just what it says.
Next class July 14th, 
Saturday 1:00 pm

Cool painting techniques, stencil layering, faces or a cool bird.

This is going to be a really fun class. Don't let the "faces" part scare you. If you haven't taken the faces class, you can paint the birdie. Either way, you will learn a lot.
Class supplies: 
2 or 3 stencil brushes. Available at Paper Niche.
Your journal. (If you don't have one, see mine)
1/2 inch angle brush
pencil and white eraser  Available at Paper Niche.
Stabilo pencil Available at Paper Niche
Hope to see you there!

Amazing students

 Today in art class (schizophrenic journaling) we painted faces. For almost all the girls, it was their
first time ever painting or even drawing a face.

Their work was so good!

 They painted eyes and noses and lips...

hair and eyebrows...

cheeks and even some shading!

 Everyone made something different.

 I loved the way this sweet 'student' took notes!

Love these eyes.

There were 10 girls taking the class and I only have 9 pictures. SOMEBODY left before I had a chance to take their project picture!
Once again, these girls out did themselves. They have drawn and painted  their first faces.
Next class, Saturday July 14th, 1:00 PM.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

working with faces

The thing about teaching is you have to be ready for what you are going to teach. 
I mean really,
the teacher is suppose to know a little more than the students, 
so I'm working a lot more than usual to come up with ideas to teach.
Today I played in my journal all day.  This coming Saturday (23rd) I will be teaching again (yeah!! ) at the 'Paper Niche' store.
This should be a fun class, with loads of new stuff.

Besides teaching some really cool stencil techniques, we will be working with basic faces. Have I bitten off more than I can chew?? Are my girls ready for this class? 
I think that's a definite "JA!!!"
Everyone will walk away with something fun to work on at home. My new friends will
learn some cool new stuff, and I am learning more everyday. 
Like I said before, this is a win, win situation!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Next class at Paper Niche

Join us for the fun at the Paper Niche!! 
Next class is June 23rd, 10:00AM to 1:00PM.
Class is $25.00.
We will be learning about stenciling and begin working on art faces.
This promises to be a very rewarding class and will add 
another dimension to your journals.
1/2 angular brush
several stencil brushes
pencil and eraser (white or beige/ not pink)
plus your usual supply kit you bring to class.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Angel on the retaining wall

 Recently I noticed a sprinkler "over spray" on the concrete overpass near our house. The
water in south Florida has a lot of rust in it, if the well does not run deep enough
 to get the clean, clear water.  
There were 4 sets of "angel wings".

Perfect! Now, with the highway under total construction, how do 
I get my model (Michelle, my son's beautiful girlfriend) up to
the wings... It's about a two story climb, almost straight up.

Also need to find a place (practically in the hwy.) to put my ladder.
I need to get as close to her height as possible.

Well, the angle still wasn't quite right, and the sun was too bright, but
I still really like the way they turned out.

 I think I need to reschedule this photo shoot before 
the construction is completed and they repaint the
retaining walls.

It helps that she is already such an angel...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My students are PROS!!!

Yeay!!!!  "Art Day" was finally here.  Today was the first class
in hopefully an 'on going' group of classes.

This is my sweet group of ladies.

 Their collage pages were beautiful!

And they say they've never done this before!!

Everything they chose was perfect.

The art work was worked beautifully and even the colors were wonderful.

I admired their bold direction and as the teacher, got many ideas 
for my own future art pages.

Many, I could totally relate to... on a personal level.

I wanted to claim as my own.

Now I want to be more BOLD with my colors!

Such great ideas.

The next class is June 23rd. It is going to be even more "funner" 
than the one today!  Lots of new ideas and more 
homework to boot. Hey, we have to 
fill up these journals!!!
visit the Paper Niche @
Keep up the good work.