Sunday, October 21, 2012

Journals of Art???

 I'm feeling inspired tonight. Today's class was wonderful.
 These fabulous women make me want to make art.

The above stamp "Her art disturbed her." is one of my favorites.
My art does disturb me. I'm in a constant argument with myself...
"Is this really art?"

These women validate me.

When I cut off my head and attach it to
some poor models body, my friends from art class say 
"Hey, that's art!".

 Going (not so ) confidently "in the direction of my dreams" takes
courage. "Living the life you've imagined." is not very easy. 
This class helps me move forward.
The women give me confidence.
And courage.

Showing people your weird work and having them
support you, is one of the most fulfilling 
experiences I know.


Because believe me, 
my journals are weird.

My art still disturbs me.

Now though,  I realize that others like to make weird stuff too.
So when I cut off my head, (like in the above photo) and attach it
to some "Juicy" model, 
other   (like minded "artists")
don't think I'm too strange.
They want to make weird art too.
Thank you ladies, for today's class.
I had a blast.

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