Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art class / angels

Another successful art class on Saturday. I just love these girls. As one of them said later in the day, "This group has a really good energy." I love that! And it's so true!

The project for the day were angels made from really old antique book pages. They
first worked on the backgrounds with multiple colors in acrylic paint, then textured, stamped and
stenciled them for the angels to rest on.

 I (spray adhesive)  glued the very fragile paper to card stock so they wouldn't break apart
when the girls painted, cut and glued them down.

 Wow. Such BEAUTIFUL work! The layers of colors and textures worked beautifully.

Thank you to all the girls who came. Remember not to sneak out again before
 I get a chance to take a picture to put in the blog!
And as always, thank you to and the girls
there for all their help.

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  1. they just keep getting better and better. tell the students to please wait so you can get a pic so the out-of-towner fans that live vicariously through them can see the creations.