Sunday, May 27, 2012

I need to make stuff

 It's been a busy week with working on journal pages, preparing for the 
upcoming class at "Paper Niche", still continuing to have to 
do that pesky, monotonous housework...  
I can't believe everyone still wants to eat everyday.
Why can't people be happy with just coffee and a bagel?
Can't you see I have to play???

This was a fun page, but my writing RUINED it! 
I've decided not to write unless I have a better plan.

 I found the lettering from a journal of my dad's. I ran copies of the original.
It says "Oat Harvest - 1924"

This is a distress technique of Mod Podge first on the page, 
followed by painting a solid (acrylic) color. 
Let it dry.
Next you put down a stencil and mist it with water, remove the stencil and wipe off the water, 
taking the wet sections of paint off the page leaving the dry sections in tact.
 Super easy and makes a very nice distressed look.

These two pages were done with paper towels. The towels were covered with "overspray" from another project and they made a great background page for journaling.

I've decided not to do housework anymore. 
My job is to make stuff.

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