Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gypsy bag

I dropped my brand new Ipad 2. The glass front looked like
a beautiful spider web. 
I didn't appreciate the beautiful nature looking artwork
that spread across the screen.
I was juggling my usual arm load of stuff from the car into the house. My gym clothes, sneakers, purse, papers, mail, and balanced in my arms (somewhere) was my
(did I already say) 
brand new Ipad. I needed a way to carry
all this daily stuff that I transport.

 I had a gift card to "Shoppes at Somerset", so I began hunting for a canvas bag. I found the perfect size to hold everything, PLUS a great pocket on the side for the slippery, and now
newly replaced  Ipad. 

 Perfect, yes in size,  but a plain, ecru colored, canvas bag.
First thing I did was dye it black. Then I proceeded to find fabrics that worked well together. I knew I could customize it (above photo) with all kinds of details, like the pencil and brush holders that I sewed down.

 I used an "Iron On Webbing" to secure the fabrics where I wanted them to stay. Some of the fabrics I coffee stained, stamped or hand painted a design.

This angel I painted, is a very (very) loose interpretation of a "James Christensen", and was the color inspiration for the bag. I love the jewel tones of golds, purples and deep reds.

I added lots of embellishments, like the "Make Art" and the pretty dyed silk ribbons shown above.

I don't think I'm done working on this carry-all yet. The 'add on's' are waaaay too much fun. I think I want to add a cluster of crystals to one side...

This is the final picture and the top of the bag. There is a strip of velcro that keeps the top
closed and in place. Hopefully now I will not drop my Ipad while carrying it
to work and back again...


  1. WOW - this is one of the prettiest bags I've ever seen. And that angel is amazing! Anytime you feel the need to make another, just let me know ;)

    1. Thank you so much Nancy! It was so much fun! Now I'm off and running in another "art" direction... sewing!
      I wish I could just focus on ONE thing! But I have so much fun making ALL things that I can't stay on track with working in only one medium. Alas, I will never become a legitimate artist!!
      Thanks for checking in on Weirdbirdstudio.

  2. Wow Karen it is a beautiful bag!!!!So much talent! What art project did you turn the broken ipad into LOL

    1. Hahahaha! The broken ipad went back to apple for a replacement. Thanks for keeping up with me! I want to see you, I miss you! I check up on facebook some... the picture of you on the Disney ride was so funny!

  3. It was nice seeing you again and so glad to also have seen this gorgeous bag, up and close. You are so talented Karen, I love all the colors and texture and WOW the little painting you did, my fav part of the bag.