Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little sight seeing with mom and Bob

The Coral Castle in Homestead has been a South Florida attraction for many years. Mom and Bob came into town for a few days and we decided to take in a few of our local tourist spots.

The Coral Castle has recently been getting a lot of attention 
because of the popular TV show "Ancient Aliens".

 The big question is "How did the man who built it (entirely by himself) lift the enormous tons and tons of coral rock all by himself?" Hmmmm, was it aliens???

 He had no heavy lifting equipment and he got these huge, massive rocks out of the ground, then carved it and transported it to the location which it stands on now.

This is his bathtub. :)

After we spent the day visiting the 'Coral Castle',  we went over to 'Vizcaya.' 
We were feeling very ambitious!! 

I haven't been to Vizcaya in years and years. It is every bit as beautiful as I remember.

I'm hoping that next week I can go back. I know it's fast, seeing how I was just there. But I want to go again with the YaYa's.

 This was a large fountain by the gardens. There was a dragon lizard squirting water and it just happened to hit the frog (above) right on his behind! Heehee!

This is the weather vane on top of the mansion. 
I couldn't take any pictures inside, that wasn't allowed. 

 A beautiful view of Key Biscayne Bay. My sweet husband enjoying the view.

Last photo is the grotto. Half of this pool is outside in the sun and the other half is inside. 
I can not imagine living like this! It is so amazing! 
It was a fantastic day. 
Leave it to my 78 year old mom and her husband Bob to show us how to really enjoy ourselves!


  1. I want to go here ... next time.

  2. Looks like a great day. Beautiful pictures. Miss you!