Sunday, February 26, 2012

Journal 1, followed by 2 & 3

I have been a journal-er for years.  
The tags above are on the spiral spine of the journals. I date
them so I can be (somewhat) organized.

This is an entry from one of my journals dated April 1975.
They didn't have quite as much art in them, in those days.

Here's one from 1983.
Yeah, a lot has sure changed. I can see where even my
hand writing has changed from the 1975 to the 1983 entry.
Now I record everything from my doctor's appointment, to funny jokes.
Even ticket stubs find the way into a journal.
The following 2 posts (Journal 2&3) are some 
of the more recent journal pages.


  1. Really cool! Do you journal daily? I used to journal as a kid and ally journals were lost in a move. This has inspired me to start again.

    1. Well thank you Lisa, for stopping by!
      I have changed my journaling over the past 10 years to reflect more 'art' than writing. I try to draw, paste, paint... on most the pages. It helps that I keep it on the couch beside me at all times. That way I can enter everything that needs to be remembered. For example, if I'm watching 'Seinfeld'and Jerry says something funny, I write it down. Later when I go back through them, I find myself very, very funny. lol! My art work isn't very good. I don't care. I work on it anyway. I also enter 'to do' lists, doctor appointments, notes from friends, magazine pictures that are too interesting to throw away... u get the idea.
      I highly recommend you start to journal again. Also, so sorry you lost them in the move. I had one stolen at an art show. So sad to lose a year like that.
      Let me know how your doing!!