Sunday, November 27, 2011


 Hip hip hooray!!! Published again!

2 pages in 'Somerset Studio Magazine' called "Gallery".

'Such a great surprise when the notice comes in the mail... 
"Congratulations! You've been published!"

I'm in the section called "artist spotlight"
I guess that's me. The artist. 

A huge thank you to the great folks that put together 
the magazine. 

Thanksgiving Day 11/24/11

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dinner was at Maryln & Michaels beautiful home.

Everyone's favorite chef!

 Super group of friends.

I was happy because I was with my 2 favorite people!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Etching with friends!

Nothing is more fun than a day with friends!! 
Kim, Donna, Vicki and I took an etching class.

Our sweet teacher is Amy from 'Amy's Beads'.
(you can google it!)

After stamping the copper sheeting, you put it in an etching solution.

Some cool finished pieces.

1.) 24 or 26 gauge metal sheet.
2.) Etching solution. Available at Radio Shack.
3.)Stamp image on metal with Stazon Ink. 
4.) Tape off back of metal. (regular clear packing tape) 
Add additional piece of tape on back to 
suspend in etching solution. Make sure stamped 
front is submerged into solution.
5.) Leave in etching solution for 25 to 35 minutes.
6.) Remove and set into a baking soda solution to 
7.) Sand lightly with soft steel wool.
8.) Optional step, dip into 'Liver of Sulphur'
burnish off black on raised areas.
9.) Have a ball!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kitchen's done!

Well FINALLY!!! The kitchen is finished! The pictures above and below are the original kitchen, built in 1978. It's hard to appreciate the yellow and orange tones of the formica because the picture does not show all the wonderful colors... Also, you can't see the particle board inside all crumbling. But, you can see the AFTER pictures.

Also check out the old floors.  
I could have at least cleaned off the counters in the above photo... But below is the NEW kitchen.

 Wait for it....
Here it comes...

Yeay!!!! Also new floors!!! And GRANITE counters!!

This is why the house was covered in dust for months on end. We completely 
tore out the old kitchen and floors through out the house.

New kitchen at a different angle. Did I have to even say
"new kitchen"? It is so pretty and after almost 33 years of
the old kitchen, we were ready for the change. Soon to follow will be the
rest of the house-redo.
Hey, it's good to be back blogging!!

Crow butt

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Now you might wonder what this is all about.
Check the next posting to see why there is a
crow butt  on my wall!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My crown for Halloween

I've been locked out of my blog! I finally got back in today and am doing a little catch up. This is the crown I made for Halloween. The base is chicken wire.

Gotta love the spider!

The necklace is called a "junk drawer" necklace. It was great to finally find a place to use all the little trinket charms I've collected over the years. The inside of the middle charm says "My Wand Is Broken". I used the inside of a pocket watch and stamped it with metal letter stamps.

 Me at Starbucks (on Halloween) with my boss, Liz.

My Halloween costume. Great party again at Vicki and Heralds. I'm so glad to get back onto my blog!!!