Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Woo Hoo!!! Here's the latest issue of "Apprentice" magazine. What a treat!

I got 4 full color pages!!

Such a simple project to get this kind of wonderful attention!

Nothing beats being published.
I am so thankful to Stampington & Company for using my work.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mount Dora/Zellwood mansion Part 1

When your staying at someone's house and they tell you that "you won't find it" and that they'll meet you so you can "follow them in" you never quite know of what to expect...
I was unprepared for the size of the home, silhouetted under a very full moon. The house was huge, with sharp angles and back lit fireplace chimney's (13 of them), dark windows and acres (11 plus) of ancient oak trees that were draped with Spanish moss.

I looked back towards the house and snap a photo. Hmmmm, lots of white floaty things. Light 'orbs' or ghosts? I take a half dozen more photos and no more show up.

Getting the ghost vibe yet? It's definitely spooky at night, but the feeling is friendly.
The home is owned by Dick and Carla. and they are the parents of my friends Vicki and Rhonda. We've been invited many times to this home but it's in Zellwood, Florida and the only time we head over to Zellwood is during the Renninger's Antique show in Mount Dora. Last weekend was the big show, so we secured our invitation.

This is the (still great working) elevator, that you use muscle to lower and raise to the different floors. There is also a lap (type) pool in the basement and a separate basement art studio. There are three floors, (not counting the basement areas) and formal gardens.

In the morning I'm up with my camera trying to get photos before we have to rush over to Mount Dora. This is the hallway outside our bedroom. That is NOT a mirror at the end of the hall. It goes on forever! The long row of cabinets were possibly for guns. This home was originally built as a hunting lodge. Later it became part of the 'Hampton Dubose' school, so perhaps the cabinets were then used for lockers??
Continued with Part 2 following this post.

Mount Dora/Zellwood mansion Part 2

In the morning light the home is massive. A mansion. It has 16 thousand square feet, 13 or 14 bedrooms, most with their own fireplaces. Plus 2 bedrooms on the outside wing(?). There is a wonderful building on the property that has Dick's work shop (a future posting) with an apartment on the top. Sorry, I have dibs.

This is the dining room. Occasionally they hold weddings, showers, or business seminars here.

The outside of the home was taken in two photos. This is the main front of the house and the rest of the house is on the left, shown in the photo below.

The view below is from the front porch, over looking the lake. You should have heard the birds! Just imagine having your morning coffee and the paper...

Continued with part 3 following this post.

Mount Dora/Zellwood mansion Part 3

Ahhh, the front porch.
A little history, best I can remember. The home was built by James Laughlin as a hunting lodge, in the late 1800, completed in 1904. He was one of the original owners of "Jones & Laughlin Steel Company", out of Pennsylvania. There was transportation by train (the old Flagler tracks) and once arriving into Zellwood, you would take a carriage to get to the home.

The home is listed as one of 'Florida's Historic Homes'.
While part of the school, it was the dormitory for many, including Billy Graham's and Robert Schuler's children. The children were PK's (pastor's kids) MK's (minister's kids) and OK's (ordinary kids).

The above garden area has an actual "Whispering Wall" (the curved wall) seen here in the background. An amazing trick of sound, where the person on one side of the wall can hear the slightest whisper of the person on the opposite wall.

After the school, the home sat vacant for 20 years. It had some tenants over the years that did quite a bit of damage and pilfering of the wonderful old relics and hardware, not to mention the hoarding of garbage.
The above picture is of part of the back of the home.

It's taken over 8 years for Dick, Carla, Vicki and Rhonda (and many friends) to get the home back to it's original glory.
I hope I get invited back to take more photos and sip some mint julep on that front porch!
Huge 'Thank you's' to the family, for letting us stay.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mount Dora, Renninger's Antique Show (part 1)

This last weekend Feb.18th, 19th & 20th was the Big Renninger's Antique Show, held in Mount Dora, Florida. Donna and I headed out for a weekend of finding unique treasures and bargain shopping. As you can see in the top photo, Mount Dora is a beautiful area, filled with hills and huge oak trees that are filled with spanish moss. The Big Antique show is three times a year. Over 800 vendors show up with wonderful and curious things.

These are a few of the items of interest. I believe the glass balls are called "Gazing Balls". ?

I bought this cool old window for $20.00. I think after I clean it up, I'll mount 8x10 black and white photos, in the four panes of glass.

This is a great little antique store in the permanent buildings. No real deals here, but great ideas and beautiful merchandise.

Donna and me. We had just arrived and Donna still has her coffee. Yeay Starbucks!!! We were getting ready to start our day. The weather was perfect and so was our weekend.

Mount Dora, Renninger's Antique Show (part 2)

Oh my gosh! Can you believe these pieces? The vendor's prices started at less than $100.00 for good size (not colored) beveled glass pieces. Wow.

Can you just imagine this piece in a window in your home?

Everywhere was a picture.

This above picture is in the permanent Antique Center. Many of these vendors are set up year round.

What is this tree? It's gorgeous! We ate dinner at an outside cafe in downtown Mount Dora and this tree was blooming. . .
Mount Dora is a really interesting little town. The only bad thing is it pretty much closes down in the early evening. The other bad thing is it's too far from the beach. However, if you ever want to check out a really cool part of old Florida, this little town is just 40 minutes west of Orlando.

Monday, February 14, 2011

a Valentine reminder...

Just a little reminder of what love is.

Happy Valentines Day, 2011

The Love Shack

Kisses and hugs


AWWW shucks.... :)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

for the birds...

House for rent. Really cheeep. In great part of town, two stories, gothic church style.

Vintage architecture, wonderful arched doors and windows, stately columns in front. Could use a coat of paint.

Large great room, terrific for families, small amount of repair required.

Beautiful attention to detail, good schools, low taxes...

This is the view facing east from inside the living room. Nearest neighbors up 20 feet in royal palm tree neighborhood. Act quick, this one will go fast.

playing with paint

I'm trying to work on backgrounds. Everything I do is basically on white backgrounds. It's boring.

I make something then I'm afraid to continue the process because I don't want to mess it up.

When in reality, I need to continue to work it. Or at least work AT it. I'm tired of working on white paper. It's like looking at magazines at the white, blond , blue eyed models. I find them boring. I love the bazaar. The girl who doesn't look like anyone else.
My drawings are on boring, white model, backgrounds. . .

Why am I afraid of getting busted by the Art Police? Where are they lurking? Do I think that they are watching what I do?

Wait a minute... there ARE NO ART POLICE. It's my own fear of making something ugly or well, just not good. I know that sounds really dumb... For instance, I didn't want to put this above picture on the blog because it wasn't 'blog worthy'. I compromised by putting just her head in. (she's a was a mermaid, now she's just a head)
I'm getting over it.
There are NO wrongs.
Help me get this through my white background thinking.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

Photo taken Christmas Eve, 2010.

Happy Anniversary!!!
Today February 8th 2011, is 35 years married. Wow. I married this man in 1976. It's not always easy, but it's been worth it. He is the most amazing man, kind, smart, funny and understanding. Seldom do people say they think they would do it all again. I would. I would fall just the same way, even knowing the good and the bad of how our lives would turn out.
He is "my Gandhi".

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Food shopping with a 4 year old

This is Kaiden, my niece's son. He is adorable and All boy with non stop energy and constant questions. I haven't been food shopping with a 4 year old since mine was a boy, 21 years ago. I forgot how much fun it can be.

Kaiden has great taste in socks, which I'm sure he got from he got from me. This pair is really cool with pirate skulls and they even glow in the dark!!!

Here (above) he's already fed up with sitting inside the cart and is surfing on the front of it.

"Hmmmm, this is a very interesting angle to ride around the store. I kinda like this! Mommy says to be very careful that I don't put my fingers on the ground or they might get run over."

There were many more positions that Kaiden got into while riding around Publix. And of course he got his fingers run over once.

He sobbed "Mommy! I should have listened to you!"

Why is it that kids can get away with almost anything? Wouldn't it be fun to ride around the store like this? Of course someone would have to push me. And do all the food shopping.
Oh yeah, I'd need a much larger shopping cart too...