Sunday, June 26, 2011

underconstruction #1

The construction has begun. Egads... will you look at this disaster? It's going to be like this for months. I'm already going crazy and trying not to lose my patience with my family. The dust in terrible. I didn't realize dust could work it's way into EVERYTHING!

 This is the family room. Everything in this room will be transferred into the living room when the time comes, so we can start on this side.

Alex's room upstairs in blocked off with plastic. 
Needless to say, I'm not feeling very creative these days.  I think I need to move away for a few months.
I'll keep you posted with updates on how it's coming along.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm tired of blue filters

Have you noticed how many movies are now produced in blue filter? It seems like the new thing. I suppose it gives the scene an eerie kind of mood. I noticed it first in "Gladiator", but now it's in many movies. It makes the scene more spooky or suspenseful. The above snail was made by my sister Rudi. It's made entirely of concrete and weighs a ton. I colored it in blue to make the point that blue filters really set the feel. Plus the snail is looking rather worried and fretful to begin with.

Let's try it with Grizzly and see if the blue makes his scene look a little more suspenseful or sneaky....

Hey, it works.

Now that I brought this to your attention, the blue is going to drive you crazy because now you will see it EVERYWHERE in movies.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm not what you think.

This is a journal entry. It says "I'm not what you think." It's a greeting card of a queens dress and in the inside of the card is a Gothic cartoon girl. It opens in the middle to show the black dress within.

Here it is with one flap open. I put my head on it.

Here it is all the way open. Gothic black trench coat, black platform boots... I did this because at the time I was feeling unnoticed. Actually, I'm still unnoticed. That is what happens at 55.
I was visiting my sister not too long ago. Her daughters don't know how cool she is. Actually both my sisters. Their daughter's only know them as "grandma" or "mom". I remember them when they were young. They were WAAAAYYY cool. Their daughters don't know. They don't know how much fun they are, or how much they love to laugh and giggle and how much they just KNOW about everything.
My son doesn't know how cool his dad is. Or, how I was when I was young. He thinks I'm just a frumpy mom. I suppose at this time in my life, I am a frumpy mom.
I know my mom was a wild cat. Although if you saw her now you would think of her as a sweet grandmother. She met my dad when she was 17. He was 35. hmmmm...
It makes me sad to think of how much (of us, of who we really are) is lost to everyone who is young.
Sad because of how we are defined by our age, and not by our totality.
I know that I'm a black trench coat wearing, tattoo bearing, bleached out blond with black
thigh high boots AND a great mom and wife and woman who already has a life time of happiness, pain and wisdom. Too bad the children only see the 55 year old mom that's working at Starbucks and that's been married forever.
I'm not what you think.

please rain, please rain, OH HAIL!!

We need rain so bad. Our grass is crunchy. It actually cracks when you walk on it. Everything is turning brown. Today a beautiful storm arrived.

Along with the storm came the hail. I haven't seen hail like this in years.

I don't know if you can see the white stripes running down thru the above picture, but that is the hail coming down.

Can you see the palm trees bending sideways? The sudden wind that came with the storm sounded like a plane landing.

Golf ball size hail... See next post for continued weather report!

Oh holy hail!

A lot of the hail pieces looked like this. Almost like an egg with the yolk.

It piled up against the house!! Now remember, it was about 92 degrees just before the storm hit, so the ground was VERY hot. This is what remained after the rest of the hail quickly melted. That's a lot of ice! The temperature dropped very quickly.

Golf ball sized hail! Amazing! I had to wait until the storm passed (or risk getting knocked out due to a blow to the head!) to go pick up these two pieces. I haven't checked our car yet. I wonder if it's covered with dents?
I hope it rains again tomorrow, but with out the missiles!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I actually wear it!

Proof that I actually wear some of the jewelry I make! This is my nephew Phillip and me at Mom and Bob's wedding. The necklace I have on (pictured above) is shown below, close up. It was a really, really fun project. BTW, my nephew is quite an adorable man too!
I was working on my soldering skills at Art & Soul. Too bad I only seem to get to the soldering once or twice a year! This class was by Sally Jean Alexander the reigning queen of solder.

She came with pre-cut perfume bottles that we silver soldered and attached chains and sparkles. We soldered small pendants with photos and antique papers between the glass.

The rhinestone pieces were buttons and the perfume bottle stopper was an antique earring.

Inside the bottle was torn pieces of antique papers. The one I used was from a journal ledger from 1873! You can open the bottle to store wonderful love notes or secret messages. If I was Angelina Jolie. I could put Billy Bob Thorton's blood in there...
OK, that's was just gross. What was she thinking with that bottle of blood around her neck?

What ever I put in there, it's my secret. That's why it was called the "secret perfume bottle" class. Classes are already posted for next year's "Art and Soul".
Oh boy, what I need is a "secret" stash of money to pay for these classes.