Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus Christ.
He is not here He is RISEN!"

Remembering to give thanks to God, everyday.

And always trusting in God's plan.

Happy Easter 2011.
I won't be posting again until May 8th. Because I'm going to ART AND SOUL!!!!
I am almost packed. My suitcase is at 44 pounds (6 pounds short of the 50 lbs limit) and I don't have my makeup, hair blower, hair product, and dress outfit. I think I may end up having to pay the extra $$$ and go over the limit.
Only 2 more days, I fly out on Wednesday.


  1. Have a wonderful time, Karen! I have fond memories of Art and Soul!

  2. Have a splendid time at Art and Soul Amities Brigitte