Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh my gosh! I think I'm hooked!

I saw this idea on a web site. I LOVE it! I bought this brass, pocket watch back, in Mount Dora. I knew I wanted to try this stamping. My plan is to make a charm necklace with old, odd pieces of jewelry that I've collected over the years. I think the stamping turned out well.

This piece was missing something. Before I attach it to the necklace, I needed to make something to put into the cone part. See the picture below for what I came up with.

People that come to my house always comment on the number of bird nest's I have collected. I love them. A home of 'organized chaos'. I thought the tiny bird nest would look cute. I really like the way it turned out.

I doubt I will make too many of these but I like the idea of being able to personalize jewelry. I also like finding a home for all my weird pendants I collected over the years. We will see if I ever wear it!


  1. Love the necklace! How much more talent do you hide? Love you Have a great day

  2. Oh too! They've been doing the flattened stamped spoons those. But this is such a cool idea, even better. Love the are amazing!


  3. love the pocket watch redo. it turned out fabulously (is that a word?). can you wear it as a pendant? love the way it looks - - love the phrase. i'm stealing the phrase for a painting... "she thought she could fix everyone, but she couldn't...her wand was broken...". i miss you