Sunday, March 20, 2011

The charms are on their way!!

I finished all 30 charms for "Art & Soul". I noticed that every time I paint, I use my hand as a place to wipe off extra paint. My hand takes on some very interesting colors!

Here they are, all 29 (plus one extra) that are going to be packaged up and sent out tomorrow.

I love the colors. There may be something for everyone.

I even sent one extra, because there were 2 charms that I didn't like. I figured that at least one of the 29 girls won't end up making any, so there will be extras.

This is an extreme close up of one charm. I love her sweet face.
Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!


  1. Bravo! I would love to go too! Maybe next Art and Soul!

  2. Karen your charms are amazing!!!!!! I love your art so much! I am so glad to see someone else who paints on herself! I actually use my pantleg when I paint. I try to wear the same pair of pants, cause I have ruined many a pair.

    I love the Gypsy Vanner breed of horses. I learned about them a few years ago after I bought one of their calendars. I guess the original breed has a different name,(my husband saw a program on tv about them) but the man who brought them to our country named them GV because they are the breed of horses that the gypsy's had to pull their caravans. Thus the name Gypsy Vanner.
    Thank you so much for Karen for your message you left for me...I love it when I see you stopped by.
    sending hugs

  3. Love the charms! Wish I had got in on this project. And I love the stamping on the pocket watch, I want to come over and see you do some of them. Maybe after Art in the Garden!

  4. Sounds great Vicki! We will have a great day making art!!!

  5. Wow! Those look fantastic. Really, they do. Well done.

  6. Charms are tooo cute! And love that you use your hand as a rag...LOL. You have made some really cute things...lucky receipents indeed!


  7. Just wonderfull, Karen, as always! Bet you can't wait for the end of April!