Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Art Class of 2010

We had our first art class of 2010, and what a blast! Everyone walked away with a completed (or almost completed) tile frame. It was a great group where in the end there were new friends made, good food, a challenging and new technique learned and fun had by all who attended. Even Grizzly was on his best behavior, not knocking anyone or anything over! I know Donna and I had a great time!
We're looking forward to a creative new year with lots of classes! Thank you so much for attending and we will see many of you in the upcoming box class.

Photos are to follow...
Karen and Donna
PS apologies for not all photos getting in, I'm having trouble with with my "exporting" :(

Friday, January 29, 2010

Amazing bird houses

My husband used to make the most beautiful bird houses. Our yard and inside our home is full of these treasures. As it so often happens, life takes you in a different direction and now he no longer makes them. Even worse, he has no desire to create any more. Whenever people come to our house, they always exclaim about the bird houses and wish to buy them. And every time I have to explain that he no longer sells them. I am hanging on the the ones I have. They remind me of a tiny Gnome village.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

making fun things...

making fun things

I've been looking for these cute little wooden birds forever. This one was from "Steinmart" on sale for $2.00. They come in all sizes, the fat little finch types are the cutest. I want more, but can't find them anywhere. They're wooden with metal legs.
So this one needed more of something.
I found the wood finial at Home Depot (for the top of a fence post) for about $4.00, and painted it brown. To secure the bird I drilled a small hole in the top of the finial and made a nest out of old rusty wire. I stuck in a few feathers and some dry cleaner lint to make it look more "bird nesty". Then I wired the bird and nest to the finial.
It looks cute in the corner of this room.
PS Not doing so well on "Goals 9&10 for 2010". Food is outta control. :(

Friday, January 15, 2010


To the rest of the United States, temperatures hovering in the 40's all day isn't all that cold. After all, I see on TV where it's in the "teens" in many states. However here in Fort Lauderdale, it's really, really cold for us. . To keep Grizzly warm I found him a t shirt.
He wasn't very impressed, judging from his expression.

kinda like in "Avatar"

I am loving life right now. The first two art classes have been posted (in the side bar) for the start of the "Have a Creative New Year" campaign. I'm gathering materials and looking forward to the kick off class on Jan. 30th. Also, I'm working on the "Epcot Art in the Garden Show", coming up in March. This has me a little panicked... what to bring, how much to charge for my creations, coming up with a "kick ass" booth (direct quote from the book "How to succeed at a Home Based Business"), and so much more.

I realized something about myself last weekend. Even though I only work 3 days a week outside the home, it's a good thing. I NEED to get out of the house. I keep thinking that I want to retire, however I have this problem. I spend an inordinate amount of time on my couch. It's like the "Command Center" from the "Starship Enterprise". I have all my art stuff around me, my lap top, TV w/remote, cell phone, house phone, recent Vampire book I'm reading and of course at least 5 Stampington magazines within arms reach. Anyone seen "Avatar"? There is a scene where Sigourney Weaver is laying down and the ground is sending out glowing white root tendrils that are completely covering her body like a cocoon. This is what is happening to me on my couch. My couch is sending out roots that cement me to the cushions.

I love it. It's the most fun I've had in years and I'm not going to deny myself. It's my studio!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Art Classes:
The classes are listed in the side bar. Let us know (as soon as possible) so we can reserve your space. Send an email from the blog's "contact me", found in the "view my complete profile".
Click on the photo to see the enlarged picture of the project we will be working on.
Get your creative side moving this New Year, 2010!! Make it an artistic year!

Karen and Donna
Your class instructors. :-)

A special thank you to my "Guru Computer Guy".
If you lived here instead of Atlanta, this could be the coolest blog ever.

Monday, January 4, 2010

black and red

Love this fat bird.
He has fuzzy underwear.

Friday, January 1, 2010

birds on a wire

Not Resolutions.

2010 goals. Not New Year's Resolutions.

Today I write them down, my goals for 2010... or today I type them down.
And probably write them as well. Somewhere in my journal.
Which is goal number one.

Goals for 2010:
#1.) More journal time. Writing, as well as more art. My art stuff, not others, not magazines.
#2.) Start teaching art classes again.
#3.) Spend more time creating art.
OK, so it's the same as last years. However in my defense I did do a lot more art in 2009.
#4.) Blog every 7 to 10 days. There, it's down and now I have to.
#5.) Get better at the blogging, learn how to link, set up "Esty" shop, etc...
#6.) Take better and more photos.
#7.) Learn "Photo Shop". Use it.
#8.) Dress better.
Again, a repeat.
I don't want my son to think I'm a weirdo and my wardrobe is defining me in that
Notice what's missing. Exercise and eating better. For the first time in my adult life I didn't list them. Both were already accomplished this year. However, now I'm not doing either. Since our cruise, I'm eating everything and not exercising. I believe that it's a waste of time to list them again because I'm certain that I will begin doing both by next week. I suppose by writing it down here, I am kind of making it a goal because now it's "out there" for all to see. For someone who wasn't going to write it down, I really spent a lot of time on it.

#9.) Eat better
10.) Exercise

I feel better now.