Sunday, December 19, 2010

angel/rust and crackle

I worked on several projects this weekend. The one above, was a paper mache mannequin form, tiny though... about 8 inches high. I first painted it with a cream colored paint, almost dry brush method, leaving some "open" unpainted areas. (The paint was very thick) Next I used "Distress" crackle paint. This stuff is wonderful and SO easy to use. After the cracks formed, I rubbed dark brown paint over the crackled areas and wiped it back off again so the cracks filled with the brown paint. I lightly rubbed the watered down brown paint over the rest of the mannequin, wiping it down so most of it was wiped off.

The wings were some scrap metal that I thought were already formed into wing shapes. I just screwed them into the paper mache.

This is a close up of the crackle and the paint.
I think she turned out great!

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