Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isn't art everywhere?

I was at Starbucks yesterday and saw this tiny art work on the concrete pole. Someone left it for all to see and admire.

At Starbucks, we always have young people doodling art, drinking their lattes, yucking it up with their friends. I find their art everywhere. This person just left their work for others to see.

I noticed last week that art is everywhere. I see it on the concrete pole at work, in my friend's beautiful yard, my customer that makes the weird necklaces and the guy that flies the plane that writes out words in the sky.

For Christmas day the pilot wrote out "Jesus--GOD" I think this is art.

This guy makes art in the kitchen. This is my husband, Chuck. He cooked us a seafood pasta for Christmas dinner that could make you cry, it was so good. I've always thought anyone who could cook was a true artist.
There is the hair dresser that creates a gorgeous hair style, the makeup artist, sky writers, doodlers, aquarium designers, landscapers and gardeners, chefs, photographers, florists, wedding planners, barista's (huh?) yeah, that's me. The list goes on and on. The world is full of artists.
Why is it so hard to claim the word "artist" if you do art all the time?
Why do we shrink away from the term and say "Not me!"?

A Grizzly Christmas

Christmas can be tough. My mom always says it's the hardest time of the year because people want so badly to make others happy, and it is so difficult. There is never enough money, or enough time or we work too hard or don't buy the right things... on and on. It can be very sad. Domestic violence goes up and so do suicides. And it's suppose to be the BEST time of the year.
We have to find the joy. Most often it comes in the simple things.

In the above photo, Grizzly waits patiently for his Christmas gift. He knows he gets one every year so here he is waiting for us to finish opening all of ours.

We've had our share of awful Christmas's. Now we try and appreciate every minute, and hang on to the happy moments. This dog makes us laugh. Grizzly is a funny dog, with more than his share of personality. Here, Alex is FINALLY giving him his present.

He opens his presents himself. Here he is looking for more. More food or more paper to tear up, I'm not sure...

Christmas can be exhausting. After all those presents and doggie snacks, it's nap time.

My wish for everyone this Christmas season is to get rid of the stress and just enjoy each other.
Find something, somewhere, to make you laugh and enjoy the holidays.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The wedding box

My friend Maryln is officiating a wedding next month. Part of the ceremony is this box. In the box is a bottle of wine with two glasses.
The married couple writes a love letter to each other. They write down why they chose each other, the things they love about one another, their plans, hopes and dreams. Their father and mother both also write words of love and encouragement. They lock up the box and both of the newlyweds get a key.
Now the idea is, it stays locked until they hit a "bump in the road" in their married life.
If this happens the next step is to get their keys, unlock the box, open the wine and let it breathe, while they both take the letters (the other spouse wrote) into separate rooms and read them. When they finish, they come back together and drink the wine, read their parents letters and start again.
Isn't that beautiful?
This happens when there is a problem in the marriage OR their 5 year anniversary.

Start with a plain wood wine box. Pick pretty papers, ribbons and lovely things to attach to the box.

Here I customized the front with the couples names. I distressed the paper so it worked with the rest of the papers.

This is the lid of the box finished.

And the final picture above shows the sides of the box and the lid in place.
Happy marriage and may the rest of your lives be blessed.

angel/rust and crackle

I worked on several projects this weekend. The one above, was a paper mache mannequin form, tiny though... about 8 inches high. I first painted it with a cream colored paint, almost dry brush method, leaving some "open" unpainted areas. (The paint was very thick) Next I used "Distress" crackle paint. This stuff is wonderful and SO easy to use. After the cracks formed, I rubbed dark brown paint over the crackled areas and wiped it back off again so the cracks filled with the brown paint. I lightly rubbed the watered down brown paint over the rest of the mannequin, wiping it down so most of it was wiped off.

The wings were some scrap metal that I thought were already formed into wing shapes. I just screwed them into the paper mache.

This is a close up of the crackle and the paint.
I think she turned out great!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank you

Thanks Mary Lou and Lauren... I'll post when we're going to have another class!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

a little time for art

Well, the house is decorated and (temporarily) clean. I'm off work today and decided it was time to play. This time of year is so hectic between shopping, working, getting ready for parties, etc... that it is really hard to find time for the creative side of life. Today is a day for some art. :)

I've had this heart bezel for several months and have wanted to try using polymer clay as the mosaic filler. This is so simple. I didn't even have to make the clay. They're extra pieces that were left over from other projects. I used a (new) one sided razor blade to shave them down to the correct size then glued them into place.

I think this has possibilities for more of the same. It was fun, easy, and has limitless possibilities to make all kinds of jewelry. Bezels come in all shapes and sizes. This sounds like a new class for this year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's party time! 2010 All Girls Party.

"Welcome to the Party!" It was that time again for the once a year 'all girl's party'. It was such fun and always kicks off the Christmas season for me. The following pictures were mostly taken before anyone got there, which is why it's semi daylight in most the pictures. While the party was going on, I only snapped a few pictures. My camera was throwing way too much flash and the pictures all looked over exposed. I put in the few (from during the party) that turned out. The rest were of the decorations.

There is a certain way that you're suppose to decorate your house. I do it every year. You buy a half gallon of eggnog. It's only once a year so the calories are not counted. Then you make sure you have plenty of rum. Eggnog and rum. This tradition makes the endless boxes of decorations seem less endless.

Grizzly was singing "Fa la la la la la la"

I love all the decorations.
Every year we throw an "All Girl's Party". I say "we" because I couldn't do it without the support of all that come. Everyone pitches in with food or drink and there is help all evening putting it all out. Parties are really hard to do! With the help from all that come, it turns out to be a great evening and a wonderful way to start the Christmas season.
Thank you so much to all my wonderful friends for coming and enjoying the evening. I had a blast!

All Girls Christmas Party 2010

The food serving area, half was a snowman collection, half was a Santa collection and half was for food. Huh?
Entrance table.
These angels were from "Past and Presents"

I found this big angel at "Home Goods" for $11.00. That store has some great bargains!

My favorite ornaments are the kinds the children make in school. :)
A Shepard from the Christmas tree. Hee hee! I love his face!

This ornament was from when I was a little girl. It used to be a duck (I think Daffy Duck) and the beak was made from sponge. Over the years the beak dissolved away and now it's just the funny smile. I put him front and center on the tree every year.

This was the party's youngest guest, Macy Jordan and her mom Melissa. She was such a good baby! She slept almost the entire evening.

Everyone brought so much food and wine! These girls know how to have a great time! I love them All!!!
Pictures were taken just before the company started arriving. These candle sticks we made from old spindles.

Christmas Party 2010 Angel tree

The Angel tree is my favorite. It is covered in crystals and every ornament is either an angel or something with wings.

This angel Alex made when he was 6 years old. These are my favorite types of Christmas decorations.

This angel was made by an artist named "Andi". I bought her at an art show about 10 years ago. I heard that "Andi" up and ran off one day with some guy on a big motorcycle, leaving her husband and kids behind. No ones heard from her since. I've named this angel "Andi".

Angel wings I bought at "Past and Presents", my favorite store in the world.

2010 Angel Tree

These are angels on the angel tree.

There are 6 silver feathers hanging from the tree from "Past and Presents" the gift store.

The "snowflake fairy".

This is one of my "YaYa's", Charlene. I made an angel for each of my girl friends and they hang on the angel tree.

Final post for Christmas Party 2010

Can you tell it's the end of the evening when this picture was taken? You see I'm exhausted! Donna doesn't look tired at all!

This sweet angel is the tree topper for the angel tree. Her wings are made from real laurel leaves.

These are some of my best friends. Left to right: Donna, Charlene, Connie, one of my best friend's (Hi Michelle!) daughter Lauren, and Marcie in the front.

This is the big tree in the living room. Our son Alex wanted this tree to be all white lights but I didn't want to go buy all new lights... maybe next year it will be a white tree.

The manger scene. After all, it's whole reason we're having Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Isn't this awesome?

Isn't this awesome? I've always wanted to be a photographer. This photo is of Alex's girlfriend Michelle. Her friend is a professional photographer and set up this picture. Michelle had to balance on the table in a twisted kind of poise and later the photographer added the puppet strings. I want to do this.... not poise on the table, but take really cool pictures!