Saturday, October 30, 2010

4 post to "Best Halloween Party EVER!"

This was the woman who did character drawings. Here she had finished me and now she was working on drawing "Doctor Donna".

Our finished drawing. I like that she didn't put in any of our wrinkles!

My favorite costume went to the Mad Hatter and the Queen. These two were FABULOUS!!! I was a gypsy.

Herald was Raggedy Andy to Vicki's Raggedy Ann.

A close up of my purple false eyelashes. I loved these so much that I'm going to wear them everyday from now on.
Then again, they're a little drag queen looking and at almost 6 feet tall, I have to be careful that people don't get confused when they look at me...
Maybe I won't be wearing them everyday after all.
Hey, that might be my costume next year!!!


  1. Great pictures! So glad you could be part of it. We love doing it! Happy Halloween!!!!! BOOOOOO

  2. Thanks for the invite Vicki! Donna and I had a ball!